1. D

    Gear always spins freely

    My bike won't start, and when the clutch is engaged or disengaged the gear ALWAYS spins freely, why is this? And how can i fix it? Urgent matter please help soon
  2. M

    Order of rear sprocket assembly?

    I have the standard sprocket assembly for my rear wheel for my 66cc engine kit. Instead of the metal sprocket being the most exterior line of things in the order on the back wheel, one of the rubber things is outside on the other side of the sprocket, and the sprocket is in between two of them...
  3. K

    harbor freight 212c build

    ok so i am almodt one with my predator 212cc engine...... the thing is that that it is geared to 12:44:1 and i unhooked the Governor... so even at like 4k rpm it barely does 25mph there a way for me to get that thing go faster?
  4. TheNecromancer13

    Idea for chain tensioner fix

    So I'm installing a motor on my bike this weekend, and I've been reading up on all the problems I might run into. I noticed that the chain tensioner seems to be almost universally hated because it comes loose and falls into the spokes and makes you crash. So I've been trying to think of ways to...
  5. K

    Motorized bicycle Lifan 125 Gear Ratio ?Chain?

    Hey guys i have a 212 predator engine without the governor.... and gear ratio goes like 9-22-11-56 using the #410 or #415 i believe but since it is rated for 3600 rpm i don't rev more than 4300 rpm which gives me 26 mph i want to upgrade it with the lifan 125cc 4 spd manual engine but i am...
  6. C

    Clutch problems/ high resistance and reversed lever

    My engine arrived a few days ago, i have everything assembled and am still working on the brakes and handlebars, but the clutch when disengaged had alot of resistance and felt like it was still engaged. I opened the clutch assembly, and all i did was remove the lock screw and flower gear, then...
  7. R

    4 stroke bicycle projects

    hi friends my projects as I did in the picture what do you think you engine= fully automatic 4stroke 100cc atv engine chasiss=bicycle gear=14t-44t type= off road Waiting for your thoughts photoshop projects translate= google translate dnut
  8. R

    Sprockets and such. Second noob post of the day!

    Ok, so I've never built a chain driven bike before and I have a question concerning the sprockets on the rear wheel. How can I keep the pedals attached and functional while adding another sprocket to the back wheel for the engine to drive? If I just slap another sprocket on it, It would still...
  9. K

    200cc Gear ratio speed

    i just made my home made motorized bicycle, it has predator 212 cc with governor. my clutch has 13 tooth input jack shaft 22 output jack shaft 10 sprocket 56 how do i calculate my max speed at 3600rpm? Thank YOu. cvlt1
  10. Russ McClay

    Will This Gear Work As A Tensioner?

    I've got the typical China Girl/Mountain bike setup. Little white, wobbly, fragile-looking teflon roller wheel tensioner. I'm wonder if I could replace it with this: My main concern is that it says it is 1/2 inch bore. Thanks...
  11. R

    help with electric bike driven through 3-speed gear hub?

    i've been looking at these: I need a motor that can output to a bike...
  12. Das Chicken

    Bike won't shift into 7th gear

    Hi all, i have a specialized rockhopper (7 rear speeds) with a 48cc ht and the awesome SBP shift kit. Well, i noticed the massive amount of grime building up on the guide sprockets (the plastic ones), and that they didn't spin very well either, so i decided to take the rear shifter (Shimano STX)...
  13. B

    Bottom Engine Assembly MESSED up...

    So my engine (66cc Skyhawk GT5) has been running HORRIBLY, and I decided to open up the motor... The clutch cover had a ground down ring inside where the three pins sticking out of the bigger gear are... The whole assembly inside the case was pushed over about 2mm!!!!! The screw on the smaller...
  14. M

    idle to gear

    When i am stopped at light or at a stop sign and i put the bike in idle by pulling the clutch. When the light turns green and i give it gas while realeseing the clutch the engine just dies i must start moving before i realese the clutch and keep riding.usflg.flg. how do i fix that or is that the...
  15. shwnrttr

    question about gear ratio calculator

    i downloaded the jim sitton gear ratio calc. in wheel diameter do put acual size of wheel and tire or just the the size specified on tire?
  16. madwheels37

    Centrifugal Clutch Bolt/Part???? What is this?

    Could someone please tell me what this bolt is used for with the centrifugal clutch kits? I couldn't come up with anything, and it doesn't show to use it in the installation papers form anywhere on the internet. ??? Thanx
  17. T

    Something wrong with clutch

    Hello, I have a Chinese generic brand 2 stroke engine kit, it is 66cc, but I have recently discovered a problem, I have been riding for months with no problem. I have seemed to notice when I'm riding my bike that, when it is rolling along with clutch disengaged (freewheeling) the bike has a...
  18. S

    Need a answer thats more then just no! lol

    Ok so im a noob! i was looking at my old mountain bike at the gears and why could you not just remove the pedals and use the same size sprocket with Centrifugal Clutch attached to the motor .duh. i was looking at a 6.5 HP Horizontal Gas Engine 6.5 HP @ 3,600 RPM OHV Recoil start...