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    I have a Chinese generic brand 2 stroke engine kit, it is 66cc, but I have recently discovered a problem, I have been riding for months with no problem. I have seemed to notice when I'm riding my bike that, when it is rolling along with clutch disengaged (freewheeling) the bike has a pull and let go feel to it. It's as if it is grabbing somewhere on the engine in the clutch area I think, so I pulled all the side pannels off and when I pulled off the cover on the left side of the engine (drive sprocket that connects to chain) when I pulled this cover off a bolt like thing fell out of the middle of the sprocket, is this okay or not? Also is this causing the pull on the bike when freewheeling? Please help

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    you should put the bolt like thing back where it was. is it the nut that holds the sprocket on, or the rod that goes through the center to your clutch? either way you need it. but if it was the rod, make sure the ball did not fall out also.. it should go in before the rod.

    and about your clutch, your cable may have stretched over the past few months. so just adjust it a bit.
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    Heed this man's advice. There is a steel pin, about 5/16" in diameter, a little over an inch long, that goes in the hole in the center of the drive sprocket. That is part of the clutch actuating system. There is also a ball bearing, same diameter, that goes in the sprocket before the pin. These parts need to be well lubricated as well as the rotating cam inside the left side cover.
    Cable stretch is normal and will settle down after some time. I agree that it sounds as if you're cable has stretched a little allowing the clutch to be partially engaged. Readjust the cable leaving little to no slack at the engine end and I think you'll be good.

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