1. madwheels37

    Centrifugal Clutch Bolt??? What is it?

    Sorry don't know what this bolt is for? Smooth like a pin then threaded...Here's a pic. Thank you.
  2. madwheels37

    Centrifugal Clutch Bolt/Part???? What is this?

    Could someone please tell me what this bolt is used for with the centrifugal clutch kits? I couldn't come up with anything, and it doesn't show to use it in the installation papers form anywhere on the internet. ??? Thanx
  3. B

    Sprocket mounting bolts

    I'm wondering what the common setup is for the cheap engines people sell online. What diameter bolt I should use and if/where I need washers or lock washers. I bought a 66/80cc kit online and didn't get any bolts for it. Went to a hardware store and bought three 1/4" x 1.5" nuts/bolts to hold...
  4. T

    Something wrong with clutch

    Hello, I have a Chinese generic brand 2 stroke engine kit, it is 66cc, but I have recently discovered a problem, I have been riding for months with no problem. I have seemed to notice when I'm riding my bike that, when it is rolling along with clutch disengaged (freewheeling) the bike has a...
  5. T

    Clutch problems

    I have a Chinese 66cc 2 stroke engine on my bike, lately it's clutch had been acting up. When I'm riding along and then hit the breaks I pull in the clutch lever when I pull in the clutch lever the bike seems as if it is fighting against the engine, it has a pull and let go feel to it. Does...