1. M

    GT90 Crank

    I just purchased a Gt90 kit and everything to build it except for the crankshaft. I've search the net and forums but I cant find any information on it. Do any of you guys know the stroke and rod length?
  2. M

    Need Help With Motorized Bike Engine / Crankshaft Wont Turn

    Hi All, Let me try to explain my problem in as much useful detail as possible here. I'm not the most savvy mechanic, although this bike being quite fun and a pain in the ass has taught me a fair deal so far. I've been riding a seeutek motorized bike mounted on a Schwinn for approximately 100...
  3. S

    79 cc 4 stroke redlion

    Hey guys I have a red lion 2Ralg 79cc 4 stroke and the crankshaft seems to be 5/8 without a keyway, I really need a 3/4 in shaft q type. Any suggestions?
  4. McChicken Messiah

    HF 212cc capable reverse gearbox?

    I'm mounting a HF 212cc Predator with the crank facing right, and I need to reverse the PTO. The engine must be mounted this way, or I'll have to do some serious hackery to the frame, which I would really prefer not to do (I don't have the proper tools to fit the frame for left crank facing...
  5. Pilotgeek

    Loose Crankshaft Bearings, and My Fix

    I'm pretty sure my engine has had this issue from the start, but only recently did it start getting bad enough to tear it apart. I found out that not only were my crank bearings very bad, but the crankshaft fit too loosely into the bearings. At its worst, the crank would just spin inside the...