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  • Hi-
    I was getting info from you on the thread about battery charging while riding. Just a couple more questions.
    As a reminder, I have a 6v hub dynamo and have also picked up a 6v battery. I made the rectifier you described. I want to run lights and 6v horn.
    Q1: Will the dynamo headlight I have run off the battery, or must it stay on the dynamo power? If the lights have to stay powered by the dynamo, would I run them in parallel with the rectifier/battery/horn circuit? I guess this is an ac/dc current question for the head/tail lights.

    Instead of a battery or the horn, could a capacitor dork...esp given the infrequency of horn use? Or, would just doing a home recharge on the battery make things less complicated than recharging while riding?
    Thanks for sharing your expertise,
    Gery in Santa Monica, CA
    yea, some weekend we should set up a cruise, go putting around for a bit and go grab a bite to eat some where. i think there is a A&W in town that puts on a small car show on saturdays.
    would you be interested in a cruise tomorrow? me and my buddy are planning on riding from broadway to green isle park in alloeze for a car show around 10-11ish then coming back to broadway to keggers bar for some beer and pizza on me.
    awesome, i live right in greenbay, would you be interested in going on a cruise some weekend? it would be just me and another guy from green bay at the moment, hes not a forum member, but he built one sweet custom stretch cruiser.
    Yea. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my four stroke. I gir hit by a car and totaled the frame. So what part of wisconsin you from
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