1. Testname111

    My bicycle alternator v5.0

    My bicycle alternator with a BBR magneto cover as a mount plate for the electric scooter/skateboard brushless motor as a 3 phase alternator.... Ran 2 miles today. Don't mind the lithium grease! It poduces 18.1 v DC with a 3 phase rectifier! I have it on a Buck coveter/USB to power my electronics.
  2. Degoragon

    Generic "No Name" Ebay/Amazon engine kits. Anyone use them?

    I Have noticed a lot of the people on this forum seem to buy a certain "Name Brand" (GruBee, Flying Horse, RAW, Zeda, BBR, Golden Eagle, DAX, etc) and roll with it. I was wondering, has anyone here bought one of the cheap, generic kits you can find on eBay, Amazon, Wish, etc. ? If so, how is...
  3. L

    Heyall :-)

    First build in progress: Starting with a Zeda 80 Firestorm from Bicycle-Engines.com. Found a used 2003 Sun Nexus-3, Retro cruiser with a steel frame and decent looking welds. So far I've replaced the rear mounting studs with hardware from ACE, using some red high temp threadlocker ( waiting on...
  4. C


    When my bike backfires it shoots flames!!! Is there a proper way to make it do it whenever I want because it's really cool?
  5. Solmangrundy

    Need help identifying this engine brand.

    haven't heard back from the guy i bought it from yet, wonder if anybody on here might know what specific brand this motor might be. it has 3 wires coming from the magneto, a curved clutch arm, short intake, and flat head case screws that would make it "unique" to who manufactured it. My other 2...
  6. C

    Noob needing 2-stroke advice

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so please bear with me here. Alright so let me start by listing what I'm working with: (I underlined the most important stuff) Elevation: Sea level Terrain: All flat other than trails which rarely have hills of more that 6 feet gain in elevation at 40 degree...
  7. A

    Multiple problems: Engine Mount, Throttle, and Muffler

    Hi, let me start by saying that I am not too savvy with mechanical parts. That said, I've tried my best to make my HT engine work but even so I really need your guy's help. Engine Mount Firstly, the engine has never fit onto my bike (front tube is WAY too fat). I removed the front mount...
  8. M

    PLEASE HELP!!!! Grubee Starfire 2-stroke

    Need Help!! Have a grubee starfire 80cc 2stroke, was on one bike and worked great---moved it to a new bike and now it won't turn over. Any suggestions???? Already changed sparkplug and reworked the intake tubing and still not working. Any electrical info or testing info would be great...
  9. A

    Dax F80/ SD Stinger 2 Stroke Engine Kits!

    Is there any major differences between the SD Stinger and the Dax F80 engine? Is the Dax engine worth $20 more? Which engine will last longer in terms of mileage, and which one is quieter? Thanks, Feelssogood
  10. T

    NT Carb Kit??

    Hello, Can anyone tell me where i can buy a 2-stroke kit that comes with and NT carb? I have looked around and I can't find anything. I found a site that said their kit comes with the NT, but when it came it had the CNS which I cannot figure out. I don't really want to keep buying NT carbs...
  11. T

    Bike Doesn't Run - Tried Nearly Everything - Starts But Dies

    Hello again, Second build and twice as many problems as the first.. I bought a used engine from a guy i was buying a bike from. I have no clue what the displacement is. It is a flat head 2-stroke. I will post pics soon. Anyway, I installed it and it kinda started, and I finally messed around...