Need help identifying this engine brand.


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Apr 15, 2014
Northeast Texas
haven't heard back from the guy i bought it from yet, wonder if anybody on here might know what specific brand this motor might be. it has 3 wires coming from the magneto, a curved clutch arm, short intake, and flat head case screws that would make it "unique" to who manufactured it.

My other 2 stroke engine is very different from this one i recently acquired. it only has 2 wires, a straight clutch arm, angled intake, and phillips/flathead brass case screws.

anybody else have a similar engine to the black one i have? (im aware the head is not from the oem).

edit: heard back from the previous owner today. said he bought it from i have a parts resource now, which is what i was after. looks like a decent engine. website says its a ZB-JET80-SR
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