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Are the CNC sprocket adapters worth buying?

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Jun 27, 2018
First build in progress:
Starting with a Zeda 80 Firestorm from Bicycle-Engines.com. Found a used 2003 Sun Nexus-3, Retro cruiser with a steel frame and decent looking welds. So far I've replaced the rear mounting studs with hardware from ACE, using some red high temp threadlocker ( waiting on front main for some reason -_-). Everything is installed except the drive chain, and a 1.8 inch 50t sprocket adapter which is in the mail. Thanks to some reasonable sounding posts I plan on replacing all the gaskets and pre-lubing all the internals before I start it. Very much appreciate all good stuff on this site :) keep up the good work.
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May 25, 2008
Howdy John.

I didn't vote as I've never bought one. Seems a lot easier. But I like the tinkering part of building.

All around, seems like a better option to use one. Less stress on the wheel and spokes and they look better.

I just never thought it worth the extra$. But folks I think highly of, swear by 'em.

LoL, working on a build yesterday. Was all proud of getting the rag joint on in les then 10 minutes. Then realize I forgot the plates. So redo it. Get to end of chain chop and realize I forgot to check clearance and have to "dish-in" not out. Just funny. But "I enjoy tinkering" not so much today as I pretty much gotta undo and redo the whole dang thing....