Required help for mounting a sprocket to a 700c wheel

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    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I need a bit of help with one of my bike builds. I have a thruster fixie bike that I got from Walmart and after enjoying my little moped, the wheel became warped from the crappy mounting hardware. I was considering getting a new wheel for this 700c fixie bike but in a coaster brake version. The wheel I was thinking about getting was a "shimano dc 19 36h" but was wondering if a manic sprocket adapter would fit and clear the coaster brake arm. Also, is there a possible way to fix a coaster brake arm to a bike without a mount for one? I would be very grateful if I got some help on this.

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    I think you would be okay, i do not have a manic adapter but i do have a coaster brake rear wheel. I will say one thing, i would not recommend a coaster brake for only brakes very poor stopping power.
    I just actuly finished my build that is a Kent La Jolla from walmart i added a front suspension fork with a disk brake front wheel and i can stop on a dime never used my coaster brake sence.

    Also it looks like using the manic adapter the sprocket can be fairly closer to the spokes than rubber mounting.

    AND the difference i noticed from a mtb wheel to my cruiser wheel is that the center hub peice that the sprocket is supposed to center it self on is smaller and shorter making things a little more dramatic but not to bad.

    I am using the classic pineapple mount and had to bend the coaster brake lever out a little bit but there a quite a bit of different variations.

    Hope i helped!
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    MM Adapters are available in a number of different sizes and can fit many coaster brake hubs.

    As far as braking, it is possible to add a disc brake to the rear wheel if you use a MM adapter....look for posts regarding the Sombrero Sprocket adapter that is used in conjunction with a MM or Pirate cycles hub adapter.

    Hope this helps you....Good luck on your build.


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