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  • TRACKING NUMBER PLEASE... By the way your phone message is full. HELLO HELLO. Some communication is all that's required.
    You Got MY MONEY - Give me a tracking number. All I need from you is proof you sent the adapter and that is with a tracking number.
    allen standley
    02-17-2015 06:27 AM
    allen standley
    Did you send the Top Hat adapter to me yet? Reminder it was paid for on the 9th. Today is the 17th.
    Where do I buy sprockets for the Top Hat Adapters? I'm looking for a 40T Sprocket that works with the top hat adapter
    I am trying to reach you because I purchased a midnight black 30 tooth sprocket for a top hat adaptor and,if possible,I would like to "exchange" it for a black or candy red 38 or 39 tooth sprocket for the top hat adaptor. If you would let me know that would be great. Thank you for your time sir.
    Hey Andy, still waiting on you. Can you make an 80-tooth Chainring sprocket, using 8mm (T8F) chain. Not the small-tooth 25mm chain.

    Hi Andy, I spoke with you on the phone, also left a pm for you at
    Can you fab me an 80-tooth chainring sprocket, using 8mm(T8F) chain. This will connect to the 11-tooth 8mm sprocket on my pocket bike gear box.
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