1. U

    Where to find front disc hubs made for 12gauge spokes

    Where to find front hubs made for 12gauge( 12g , 12ga , 12 g , 12 gauge , .105" or 2.66mm )spokes OK so what I'm looking for is sealed bearing front disc brake hubs that can be switched from 100mm quick release axles to 100mm long 15mm thick through axle and vice versa. I want the axles to...
  2. U

    Worksman 26" HD wheelset alloy rims 11g stainless spokes front drum rear shimano nexus 3 speed rear

    For sale on the bay Perfect motorized bicycle wheelset Worksman HD wheelset... not the steel rim and cheaper steel spokes front automotive style drum brake Rear shimano nexus 3 speed internal geared hub Aluminum alloy rims heavy duty dimpled rims 11g (3mm) Stainless Steel spokes $325 on...
  3. ilandz

    Many problems with chain drive system...

    I'm very new to motorized biking, having just finished turning an old 90's mountain bike into a speed demon. (or at least I hope it will be) The kit I got was a pretty standard 49cc 4 stroke from ebay. The biggest problem I've had so far is the chain that connects the belt drive to the sprocket...
  4. M

    Part of chain is hitting lip of chain tensioner wheel

    What should I do? I have my chain tensioner centered almost perfectly so that the chain isn't on one side more than the other and come off part of the rear sprocket, and also, I have the tensioner wheel set a little above so that the wheel spins, but since I don't think my rear sprocket is...
  5. sergeak47

    im a newby.help!

    My rear tire is touching the chain on the left side, the one that is attached to the motor. Please help:-||
  6. moto-klasika

    WHEELS for velocars, velomobiles and other multi-wheelers

    Hello, Problems to choose, find, buy or build proper wheels for any of non-leaning light motorised vehicle were discussed on many forums and here at many threads... Maybe it would be useful to collect at one place many good ideas and solutions, and bad experiences too... I do not have...
  7. Matty Skacore

    bicycle rear wheel problems

    I need help my rear wheel broke while I was riding, when i pedal the crank freely moves but it doesnt move the rear wheel. The casset moves freely instead of resisting when you push forward. It is on a single speed mountain bike btw
  8. N

    Histop HD Coaster wheel with MM adapter keeps going out of true

    I have a Histop Heavy duty coaster rear wheel with the manic mechanic adapter on it and somehow the wheel keeps going out of true after about 50-75miles.:-|| I could imagine this happening with a rag joint but with the MM adapter i havn't a clue as to what would be causing this? I've even...
  9. K

    Required help for mounting a sprocket to a 700c wheel

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I need a bit of help with one of my bike builds. I have a thruster fixie bike that I got from Walmart and after enjoying my little moped, the wheel became warped from the crappy mounting hardware. I was considering getting a new wheel for this 700c fixie bike but...
  10. R

    Heavy Duty Wheel problems!

    I have come to a problem, should I buy a pre built heavy duty wheel AND THEN replace the coaster brake and front hub, or find someone to build me a custom wheel?!??!? Any ideas or information would be helpful!!!!!! usflg
  11. Noped

    my new rear wheel does not center in frame

    hi; long story short...my new 26"x2.35 rear wheel does not ride in the center of the frame; i suspect that the axle length is wrong on one side making it dificult for me to adjust the V-brake; is there a way to compensate for that or i was thinking of changing the v brake for a side-pull brake...
  12. Ruby478

    where to buy HD Wheel!!??

    im tired of my crappy stock coaster brake wheel that came with my cranbrook anyone know where i can get the Hd wheel and not just the hub?:-||