Where to find front disc hubs made for 12gauge spokes



May 11, 2018
Clearwater, Fl
Where to find front hubs made for 12gauge( 12g , 12ga , 12 g , 12 gauge , .105" or 2.66mm )spokes

OK so what I'm looking for is sealed bearing front disc brake hubs that can be switched from 100mm quick release axles to 100mm long 15mm thick through axle and vice versa.

I want the axles to have the standard 100mm outer locknut dimension. If I want to switch them to 110mm for boost forks I'd just buy adapters.

At the very least I'd like to find sealed bearing front disc brake hubs that are just quick release and
Other hubs that just 15mm through axle compatible.
(20mm would work because I could buy or make a 2.5mm shim but as far as I know all 20mm through axle hubs are 110mm long)

I know people are going to say just drill out the hubs, use straight gauge 13g spokes with reducer nipples or use single butted 12/13 or 13/14 gauge spokes but that's not what I'm looking for. Your opinion about these options is not going to help me. I have enough experience and have done enough research to know what I want.

I found 1 hub that meets my "at the very least" requirements but it was sold out and I'm hoping to find more than a few options that my many Google searches have not uncovered. All help is much appreciated thanks in advance.