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    Where to find front disc hubs made for 12gauge spokes

    Where to find front hubs made for 12gauge( 12g , 12ga , 12 g , 12 gauge , .105" or 2.66mm )spokes OK so what I'm looking for is sealed bearing front disc brake hubs that can be switched from 100mm quick release axles to 100mm long 15mm thick through axle and vice versa. I want the axles to...
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    Heavy Duty Wheelset Sources

    Hi, I was researching heavy duty wheels, and came up with: Good: Custom Motored Bicycles - WHEELS HEAVY DUTY 26"INCH* 12 G 12 Gauge Spokes,BICYCLE BRAKES, Add ---> Very Good: http://www.piratecycles1.com/worksmanwheels.html Better: Unique 26" No Spoke Bike Rims For 8/9 Gears,Satin Black |...