1. U

    Where to find front disc hubs made for 12gauge spokes

    Where to find front hubs made for 12gauge( 12g , 12ga , 12 g , 12 gauge , .105" or 2.66mm )spokes OK so what I'm looking for is sealed bearing front disc brake hubs that can be switched from 100mm quick release axles to 100mm long 15mm thick through axle and vice versa. I want the axles to...
  2. S

    Needing a hub mounted sprocket for .8" to 1"

    Okay. So I've tried searching a bunch on many forums and sites and k I can't seem to find anything that will fit my Raleigh USA Heat. The rear hub is little less than an inch and most hub mounted sprockets from anywhere only seem to goto and inch or more. Curious if anyone knows of one I can get...
  3. M

    Check out my video of my Schwinn Delmar cruiser bike built Enjoy! ps. does anyone think that my hub adapter is a problem, as there is a gap between the two pieces on the hub even though I have tightened them lots and lots. Thanks Mike xct2
  4. B

    New Worksman Drum Brake Hub - No Stopping Power

    I just installed a new front drum brake wheel on my bike, took it for a spin, hit the brake, and was VERY disappointed in the way it did not stop me at all. If I yank hard on the brake, I can go from 7mph to stop in about 20 feet. Is this normal for a drum brake? I've never had one before...
  5. Deiseldave

    Everything Must GO

    I have 3 motors ( 2 Grubee GT-5's and a stinger.) , Custom made occ forks, occ motor mount, moped rear hub , skiptooth hub with custom hub adapter made for it with chain and peadle crank chain ring, motor cases , some internal motor parts, lots of goodies to go around ..... either add me on FB...
  6. M

    Mini-motard ideas.

    So in my motorbicycling hobby, I built two bikes which I sold off for a cheap price when I decided to get a motorcycle. But drivers are kind of too crazy nowadays for a motorcycle and my mom got really mad when I decided to buy a bike saying I'll kill myself haha. So I decided to build...
  7. D


    Who makes those sprocket that bolt directly on the disk brake hub? or do anyone on here sell them??
  8. A

    autoclutch to coaster brake?

    I think I remember reading somewhere that a Whizzer that uses an autoclutch cannot also use a coaster rear brake? Or is it a manual clutch bike cannot use a drum brake? I'm not sure either statement makes any sense, or why either would be true? Maybe something to do with starting the bike...
  9. M

    3 speed freewheel hub

    On my way home tonight I was thinking of a sweet setup I might try; on the idea of a 3+ speed hub in between the motor and the wheel sprocket on the left side. I knew before hand of internal geared hugs, but visualized a problem installing a 2nd gear onto the hub. I was thinking of this in my...
  10. R

    Heavy Duty Wheel problems!

    I have come to a problem, should I buy a pre built heavy duty wheel AND THEN replace the coaster brake and front hub, or find someone to build me a custom wheel?!??!? Any ideas or information would be helpful!!!!!! usflg
  11. B

    Hi there

    I'm hew here and have yet to build a motorized bike but have an interest because a friend of mine wants one and I suggested to him the engine to use. I want to build a motorized bike with a 50cc 2 stroke or 80cc. I want to build the bike from a fixed gear road bike with a flip flop hub using...
  12. S

    Rear wheel/coaster help

    I have a motorized Schwinn Beach cruiser that I bought recently.I have already been through two rear wheels blowing through the bearings and ultimately all but destroying the rear wheel while making the coaster brake useless. Besides moving to a pressure or disk brake does anyone have any...
  13. R

    help with electric bike driven through 3-speed gear hub?

    i've been looking at these: I need a motor that can output to a bike...
  14. shwnrttr

    converting unsealed to sealed bearing hubs?

    anybody ever tried to convert there unsealed hubs to sealed? alot of people will say it cant be done,but i used to do it all the time with bmx hubs years ago. just press the steal bearing race out of the hub. then press the correct size sealed bearing in its place. there is a curved area inside...
  15. I

    Rear hub for motorized trike driving us nuts

    My wife and I are working on our first motorized trike. We finished a motorized bike about a year ago and thought a trike would be fun. We were going to use the conversion kit from Spooky Tooth, but they aren't selling it right now (change of management?!). Anyway, we have most of the parts...
  16. W

    Heavy Duty Wheelset Sources

    Hi, I was researching heavy duty wheels, and came up with: Good: Custom Motored Bicycles - WHEELS HEAVY DUTY 26"INCH* 12 G 12 Gauge Spokes,BICYCLE BRAKES, Add ---> Very Good: Better: Unique 26" No Spoke Bike Rims For 8/9 Gears,Satin Black |...
  17. Tomasito

    Nexus 3, 4, 7 or old Sturmey Archer?

    Hello, I'm in the proccess of making a custom motorbicycle, and I plan to use a internally geared hub. I live in Argentina, so I don't have many options. First of all, it HAS to have rollerbrakes or discmount because my rim doesn't allow me to use rimbrakes. I don't know any other brake...
  18. Ruby478

    where to buy HD Wheel!!??

    im tired of my crappy stock coaster brake wheel that came with my cranbrook anyone know where i can get the Hd wheel and not just the hub?:-||
  19. D

    Puch Moped drumbrake Hubs

    Hubs sold, thanks