coaster brake
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    the brakes

    ok so this is my second build totally addicted but im running a 700c x 38 tires with a 142f stock engine my brakes are U-brakes and they suck it stops the bike but slowly i just ordered a 700c coaster wheel is my tires safe with this brake dont wanna pop on road from burning rubber .duh.
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    Required help for mounting a sprocket to a 700c wheel

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I need a bit of help with one of my bike builds. I have a thruster fixie bike that I got from Walmart and after enjoying my little moped, the wheel became warped from the crappy mounting hardware. I was considering getting a new wheel for this 700c fixie bike but...
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    Heavy Duty Wheel problems!

    I have come to a problem, should I buy a pre built heavy duty wheel AND THEN replace the coaster brake and front hub, or find someone to build me a custom wheel?!??!? Any ideas or information would be helpful!!!!!! usflg
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    Rear wheel/coaster help

    I have a motorized Schwinn Beach cruiser that I bought recently.I have already been through two rear wheels blowing through the bearings and ultimately all but destroying the rear wheel while making the coaster brake useless. Besides moving to a pressure or disk brake does anyone have any...
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    3 Speed IGH

    I have a shimano nexus 3 speed coaster brake hub, i plan on running a jackshaft to the hub, but my concern is the coaster brake, will the brake activate upon deceleration or will it work fine? can i convert it to fixed? i have access to a welder, mill, and lathe. the goal here is I'm going to...
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    Coaster Brake Problem-Need Help?

    How do I get the sprocket on my bike with coaster brakes without messing up the arm?
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    need coaster brake adaptor

    hello, i am planning on putting a motor on a beach cruiser but most of the cruisers i am looking at have only coaster brakes. i seem to have read that you cannot put a small motor on a bike with coaster brakes in that the rear sprocket that comes with the motor kits will not fit. how can i...