No spark! Need help. First time builder!


New Member
May 24, 2021
Hey guys, so I'm still working on my first build and I'm pretty much done. The only problem is that I cannot get a spark to save my life. I've used an OHM meter to test every electrical component from the magneto to the boot to the CDI, ETC. I even took apart the magnet and realized I didn't have a woodruff key in there, so I took care of that I got one and put it in there. My magnet is solid in the 1 o clock position. I even went as far as buying a whole new magneto and CDI. And still the spark will not get going. I would really appreciate any and all help that you can can give me. Keep in mind I'm testing it by having the bike upside down and spinning the tire by hand

Thank you for your time