cdi issues

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    No spark! Need help. First time builder!

    Hey guys, so I'm still working on my first build and I'm pretty much done. The only problem is that I cannot get a spark to save my life. I've used an OHM meter to test every electrical component from the magneto to the boot to the CDI, ETC. I even took apart the magnet and realized I didn't...
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    CDI Cracked

    Quick question: I relocated the CDI on my bike, and when I tightened it up with the provided clamp, I over-tightened it and unwittingly cracked both sides of the body (black box) of the CDI slightly - not huge cracks, but definitely cracks - and when I loosened the bolts, the cracks mostly...
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    Damaged cdi??

    Motor has been running fine for a month. Replaced clutch pads and installed back sprocket adapter. In the process I disconnected the cdi to reroute wires. When I reconnected it I hooked blue to black and black to blue. I noticed the problem after trying to start 2 times. Switched the wires...