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Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
...who's into what, and what age are you? I mean besides these bikes!

46 years old.

Road trips for the world's best burger. (20 dollar burgers when on the motorcycle)

Photography, restoring/rejuvinating a lot of stuff but mostly motorcycles.

Used to be big into guitars and writing/playing music, not so much anymore, but I do have a tattoo that says "Rock-N-Roll. I recored two CD's that went absolutely nowhere.

R/C aircraft, (most of which I designed myself, deltas in particular) and ultralights.

Some call me a Jesus freak, but that's alright too, 'cause I am.

Been married to the same woman for 25 years, four daughters, all growed up now, one grand daughter, three dogs who believe I am the big dog.

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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Well I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. I get consumed so now its the bikes.. I still write but I do it in serial since I can't keep the plot line of a novel in my head long enough to write it. But serials are alright to.

I did some redesign of old polaroid cameras to use modern roll film. That was fun and now and then I still get a request for the information because I was the man for a while.

I taught myself how to shoot photographs that could pass for antique. I did that just for the heck of it. That's about it these days.


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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
I'm presently 52 years old

I play the violin in my Church Orchestra, I play guitar and bass and have sang a little backup vocal. To bad I sound like I talk when I sing. I'm a southern boy what can I say.

Love to get a 100 dollar hamburger in the plane

Of course there's my Goldwing

I produced a weekly television broadcast for 20 years and still do tech work for them.

I build and manage Church websites.

Things that go fast and make noise are alright in my book.

And of course my darling bride of over 25 years now.

Skydiving is totally awsome. Done it twice.

I would really like to do the ultralight thing but this part of the country is just too windy.

Bass fishing is loads of fun and I've spent lots of time and money on that.

And my two GRANDSONS no words to describe how much I enjoy them.


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
i am 50 years old and i love of course bicycle motors, i also like building this forum. learning all sorts of things and meeting great people and making good friends. i have 3 daughters ages 23 25 and 30 and a grandaughter 8 and grandson thats a little over one. i am a big kid and have a blast with them. been with my wife for over 30 years (she's a lucky girl rotfl) i have been an air traffic controller since 1975 and grew up or was supposed to in dc area and now live in michigan. i have aplied for a job in st croix us virgin islands and hope to be moving thier but time will tell. then i can ride my motorized bicycle 12 months a year :D


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Dec 28, 2007
Duvall, WA PNW
I'm 49, my name is Paul and I'm just enjoying the ride while working my butt off.

I've got at least 3 jobs. None I want to go into in detail on because I'd have to shoot you afterward.

The only real time I have to dink off is Friday afternoons, because one of my jobs I only work 4.5 days per week. Aside from all the work junk, I'm usually as broke as a broke dink dog.

My Amsoil gig is good, and people come to me because I'm not an MLM stooge. I try to be a straight shooter and have fun. I wrestle with the Amsoil haters when necessary, but I don't force anything on anyone and I don't do "cold calls". It does really irk me when an Amsoil dealer doesn't know what the heck he is talking about, but yet acts like a long time expert. It brings the good guys down. The company is a great company, but sometimes they try to run it like a small company - and that doesn't always work when you are a rather large enterprise.

I have a great wife, and 2 daughters that have tons of activities. One is near getting her DL. Watch out!! We have tons of pets....too many to name but my best buddy is my solid black dog named Chancho. (Him and I and the kat are the only males in the house). Chancho and Winston the Kat sleep in my office when I'm surfing the interweb and doing business.

We joined a church when we lived up in Lynden, WA 8 years ago. I was lucky to have a great pastor who really opened my eyes. The last book I read every night is the bible and I have found no better reading material. I know we are all sinners and my current church is really great about differentiating religion and Christianity.

Motorized bikes fit me to a tee because they are just so low cost!! I've more than tripled my money's worth IN PURE FUN out of my bike kit!^5
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Jan 16, 2008
pampa texas
I'm 55 going on 12. Ive been married to the snake woman since 1973 my first marriage and hope the only one. Shes a good girl to put up with me.(evil grin)
I have two kids both grown up my Son lives in LA. and is an artist here's his web site Gabe Leonard fine art and illustration Gabe's also got a girlfriend and she's an actress I call her Goldilocks she was with me when I got my ear pierced at Venice beach her dad is an actor form Sweden they like their privacy so I will not give out their names. My daughter lives in Jefferson City, Mo. and is married she made me a grandfather 1 year and 3 months ago I got the prettiest little granddaughter a guy could ask for. My son in law is a good and very cool guy likes all kinds of things. Just like me.
Now for me I like noise and fast. I like to make things all kinds of things (evil grin again)
I love the smell of Nitro being burned and to feel the almost knock down slap of 14000 hp. as it goes by. I want to see the shuttle take off before its retired as well.
I built and fly my own airplane. I now own a Ultra classic Harley Davidson built in 1995. Its 1972 of 2000 made not a new bike but I like it, first Harley that I ever owned that has electric start.
I work in the oilfield and have since 1974. 5 years on work over oil rigs. And now for a major oil company for 29 years I'm getting close to retiring which kind of scares me not sure what I want to do after I retire.
I have 3 engine assisted bicycles and 1 pedal only bicycle , I'm slowly working on a homemade recumbent bicycle called and easy rider it has a seat like a lawn chair and for me is not the easiest thing to ride. I'm still working out the bugs. You all can see that Bob and I are good friends and play together a lot. I get him into all kinds of trouble. I even got him to break his collarbone about 3 years ago. We play hard. My moto is "we don't stop until someone bleeds". We ride and fly together and have a pretty good time.
I could go on and on but I think I'll stop so someone else can spill their guts.
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Jan 29, 2008
Shelby MI
Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm a bike-o-holic. Oh, wrong group but still truerotfl. I'm 38 and still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Been into bikes since I was around five and its only getting worse. At last count I had 22 bikes in the garage and I've added several since, 6 are motorized. During this past winter I have been taking one of my bikes to the Autoramas and promoting kustom bicycling in Michigan, next stop is Ann Arbor on the show tour.

I also notice a couple of running trends amongst us, the first being, there seems to be a number of us who are active in our churches. I am a deacon and am involved with several commititees in our church.

I am also a photographer, but no longer practice professionally. I took alot of classes while in school and after that went through the Naval Photographic School and ended up doing recon photography in the first gulf war. After that I went to work for a friend who had her own studio, I enjoyed the portraiture but hated anything to do with weddings. I left the studio and now have a point and shoot digital cammera that I can use effortlessly. I still have my film cammeras but very rarely take them out.

I'm also into music. Nrver been able to learn an instrument but hav always had a love for all music. My hard drive is full with over 40 gig of my tunes, I've got roughly 1000 CDs, countless tapes left over from the 80s, and an album collection of over 3000 records and growing every chance I get. I also work sound for a local band, this is new to me and I'm still learning but I really enjoy it for now.

There are also misc. other collections including die cast cars, turn tables, cammeras, books, and a bunch of other cool crap (at least in my eyes)...Kelly


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
34 years old

Single, no kids never married

I love Pit Bulls, I have seven of them and if I could have more I would.

I'm a Auto Tech, started working in my Granfathers shop at the age of eight (yes I have the tax records to prove it)

Started racing Motocross at 6. Moved to race cars at 12, still race dirt bikes and atv's every now and then. But my IMCA modified is my main focus.

Favorite quote, My Grandfather " Its better to be a racer for a moment, then a spectator for a lifetime"

Love the desert and the heat, the hotter the better!

Got a MB to save money on gas so I had more money for racing. Now I just have somthing else to put more time and money into.

Would like to build another double suspension bike and if SCORE will allow it, be the first to run the Baja 500 on a MB

Wish I knew a Amsoil dealer, A big AMSOIL on the side of my race car would sell alot of oil????? lol

At first, everybody that knew me teased me when they saw me riding a MB. They said it was a sissy bike and to get a real motorcycle. Now alot of them have one.


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Mar 3, 2008
I'm 53 and been married to the same woman for 33 yrs. Have 3 grown kids. Active in my church. Use to have my own Cessna 172 until pilot license yanked because of diabetes. Designed, built and flew my own powered-parachute. No longer have it. I have three electric bikes and one motorized. I live in Alberta, Canada and love skiing, snowmobiling, boating, biking, ect. My latest accomplishment is losing 35 lbs since Christmas. I'm a tax accountant and have an obsessive personality.


Jan 20, 2008

I have always been D.J. . I started my career as a sheet metal worker and then went back to school . I became an Industrial Arts (shops) teacher . I taught high school Drafting and Graphic Arts . After 10 years I quit and opened a small Graphic arts shop . After 10 years I quit and went back to teaching . I taught Graphic Arts and Computer Graphics up until two months ago in a core area aboriginal school . Over the years I have taught in every shop . I believe I am now retired for health reasons . I am afraid that I change relationships with every career change . I do not believe but I am the best friend anyone could have . To everyone , thanks for being here . ..................... D.J.