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  • I love my bike I call Amelia, and very proud of how she turned out. She is beautiful and gets lots of attention. She is absolutely dependable and reliable, and takes minimum maintenance. I am the happiest man in the universe.
    Hey Sergio, I am having problems with a new motor ,66cc. Out of the box it's slow ,well really I've bought two new motors and there both are slow as ****. The motors both sream but under load sounds like it's bogging down. Good spark, good compression, gas is good. Could the clutch plate being to tight, I can't think of anything else??? How do I receive messages on, or from this site?
    hello my name is?sergio tucson as. best bike weather in the us. I want to put a 212 on my Miami sun trike I'm putting the?seat in back to lower center of gravity and wznt to mount eng in middle t9 distribute weight. where can I get the extra parts needed to complete the build and
    hi dave, i dont use this sight enough but from things i have seen and read i think all newbies should know that these motors should be taken apart and checked b4 mounting,because i just had a new gt5 from gb and after first run the motor would not engage nomore,come to find out the clutch gear had seperated a 1/16 of in from back plate and berrings was showing,replaced the clutch gear and its fine now,i have found that the small drive gear and the nut to the clutch plate can allso be loose,you may post this if you want,im not sure how to,,thank you bill
    Hey Dave I read some of the posts and it looks like you have a vision of what mo bike racing should be, well I'm trying to get an association together and I would love your input Thank you Later Bob
    thanks for the info,,do you have audio cap.or just text ,,a pal-talk rooms are pretty cool ,,you can show vids also ,,just an idea ,,let me think of 5 post ,,,lol i can't figure out how to post a "thread" let me know ,,,thanks larry
    Dave31 can a Thread Name be changed by either a user or moderator. One of my threads is not really reflecting the name I gave it when the direction changed some.

    Even appending the name with prefix to nullify one of the words in the original name so that one would still recognize that it still is the same thread. This way if they had seen it before it wouldn't fool them to thinking that they had not seen it before, just clarify the name.

    Thanks Measure Twice
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