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  • Lost my e clip to my needle that thing is so to find when they fly off so I went to advance auto and bought some e clips the tiny ones did not fit so what’s the actual size of these needle jet clips
    Going to reinstall your light after many years. I remember we had to play with different spark plug gaps. Ngk B7hs is the plug. Searched for old thread. What's a good starting point?
    Norman I,m brand new to this form & love it.I,m a retired tool & die maker
    with a small machine shop at my home & live in east Okla.I saw you live in west
    Texas.I,m planning on setting up a small foundry also.

    It would be fun sharing ideas back & forth.I,m also a ole kart racer which goes
    hand in hand with these little engines.
    Have a good one, Fly
    Now i took it to a guy who knows something about those bikes and he says that it is flooding something and something else isnt getting enough. He said its getting alot of gas but that is because i spilled gas on bicycle. Now I changed the sparkplug thinking that was the problem but still same problem. My biggest problem is that when it does start the back whell doesnt move.
    Why does the engine rev high but the back wheel doesnt move. Is the engine broken is the centrifugal clutch causing a problem. The back wheel will move after being raised off of the ground.
    I took the pin and move it down one notch but then today put it back in the middle. If I take off the choke the air suffocates the engine with alot of air and it shuts down immediately. It only starts with alot of engine starting fluid.
    It starts but then cutts off after 10 seconds.
    Why does it not stay started.
    Also the bowl when I unscrew the bottom is always full of gas.Also do the bikes need to have the chain tensioner.
    I bought a 48cc centrifugal engine pullstart with speed carb.
    When checking it the bottom of the carb gasket broke(where the bowl is.)I put gasket sealant on it and ordered another gasket.
    Now when I first got my engine it wouldnt start. then I added engine start fluid.
    It ran at first then I let it turn off.
    Then it doesnt want to start again.
    It keeps sounding liike it is flooding.
    Also it will only start and stay started while the choke is fully on.

    Then later on when It did start it would start and then boggle down in 20 to 30 seconds.
    Again a lot of waiting for it to start again. with alot of engine start fluid.
    Thank you for fixing my bike and saving me money..... a post you did in 2008 was very helpful.
    Hi i would like to buy a light that I can just plug my white wire into. Not looking to wire or anything like that.

    Please tell me willing to pay $
    If the small gears screw is loose then it's possible that they key is sheared. To fix you will need the gear puller to remove the gear and check the key.
    norman/ clutch / gear problem
    my bike rode pretty good for the most part, then the last ride i had was pretty good, so i squeezed the clutch to walk the bike over a small bridge, bike is still running , when i sat on the bike and started to peddle, to ride, it was like it stood in neutral, could not run bike on gear...
    i removed the large cover on right side of engine, theres a large gear ( clutch i guess) and a small gear with a large screw in the middle, when i push the bike the piston does not go up and down, but when i mess with the screw in the smaller gear the piston goes up and down..there was no warning to this no smoke no noises,. that is my issue, any advice....thank you
    Haven't seen you online in a while hope things are going well for you. I appreciate your contributions to the board! Oh BTW did you ever figure out if you liked motorkote? I still use the stuff.
    I'd be looking at getting a good gasket. You can get by with a fiber gasket but it will soon burn out. You can make your own gasket out of aluminum, try to find dead soft aluminum if you can where to find it? I'd go to an industrial gasket shop and get their scraps they carry the soft aluminum. Then all you need to do is cut it out. I usually use cheap aluminum spray paint for gasket sealer spray it on both sides and while it's still damp put it on and torque the head bolts back down. If you don't have a torque wrench that measures in inch pound it's best to get one, you won't regret it one bit with proper care the wrench will last all your life.
    Morning Norm. If you did not see, it was the head gasket that was not seated. My cure was to sandwitch it between layers of gasket material bought to replace broken intake gasket. Do you think this will last for a while, or am I going to strand myself miles from home??


    Hey Norm; head gasket. When I pulled the head last incident, it was badly deformed so I replaced it with a different one from a blown motor. It looked good to me, but we got no compression with plug out, so I cut two gaskets from my carb material and sandwitched the metal ring between. A kick in the kitchen blew gas and oil all over the place, and when I took it outside, she fired right up. So, I guess I need to order head gaskets!.

    I do appreciate your input, and undoubtedly will be back with other problems, but not right now; going for a long awaited ride in the wind, rain, and I supect soon, snow.

    Life is good again!!

    Thanks again,


    [email protected]
    If it's like the rest of the engine kits from bgf tht screw is just a float bowl drain. The threads are metric and you will need a fiber washer to get it to seal. You can make a fiber washer from a small piece of gasket material. That screw is very short, you can take the float bowl off fit the screw and washer then take the screw out and cut off the excess length so the screw doesn't poke a hole in the float.
    Just had a quick question Norman I just did my first build and on my first ride out I guess the plug screw on the bottom of the carburetor bowl vibrated out. Only one I didn't check. I had gas puddles all over my back porch. Anyway is this a drain or a air\fuel adjuster for the carb? Stock 66cc (80cc) carb that came with the kit I got from BGF. I I plugged it with a longer screw and used a spacer and lock washers. I need to get a small rubber washer I think though because it has a very slow leak.
    hey i just bought a sky hawk gt-5 and one day riding it home i started losing power and fast i first thought it was the clutch like it was spinning the engine but after removing the clutch like an idiot since i had hardly any idea what i was looking at i put everything back together i took off my cylinder head and saw the piston was moving up and down freely but with all covers off the engine and the clutch cable removed so i didnt take a chance that it wasnt fully engaged i saw everything spinning -all except the magneto,now the motor kit is brand new and i spent everything i had on it i can hardly afford the gas now, so i dont know if you had any ideas is to what this could be but i cant even get to work work now an i work 20 miles from my job and walking 40 miles a day is getting old fast any ideas would be so greatly appreciated thanks
    hi norm i have 80 cc grubee ran great then started reving up no notice. acts like its sucking air. put on new (Black) carb. sealed it. no throttle sticking, plenty of gas. can ya help me ! Thank you Steve
    Hi Norman,
    Are you around, I have a question about clutch gear (basket) free-play .
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