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  • Hey dude, can you do me a small favor and close my thread in swap shop . called 3 modified CDI's for sale they're all sold could you please close it for me get back to me . Thz
    I created a thread today that was deleted. 2door does not know why. I contacted Ilikeabikea, but am waiting to a response still. Can you help out if the others can't?
    I posted a thread today that was deleted. Super Mod. 2door does not know why. I thought maybe you would since you closed the only other thread I created.??? Thanks, John
    hi i just bought and instal one of the engine for my bicycle can you please help me i wanna know what is the white wire from the engine for?? and whenever i stop my bike the engine turn off do you have any clue why?? please help
    Hi. I have posted a thread about when I was very angry with them! I now have everything resolved with them and I would like to have the thread I posted deleted, if you will! I am verry sorry I posed something like that, but I was just so angry with them and the customer service I was getting. If you could delete the thread it would be greatly appreciated!

    thank you for your time.
    I tried posting some pics in the newbie thread and it said it had to be approved by a moderator first, am I doing something wrong or is that standard?
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