I just got an e-mail wondering about motorized bicycle laws



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Jun 28, 2008
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And I remember thatsdax, myself and a few others nailing down all that foo-fer-rah, FEDERAL trumps STATE.

I'm not building anything over the 35cc 4 cycle, that's all that the GEBE system needs here in the Appalachian foothills. When I got into this, staying legit & under the 49 cc was part of my hobby business game plan.

So really, I'm not going to worry too much about police/legislators, if any of my customers get in traffic court, we'd holler "not guilty" and challenge it for years, appeals are freely available on-line nowadays, and an "years away appeals hearing" is the same as "immunity", nothing is established and no legislation is loophole proof.

The problem is going to be Police Chiefs talking amongst themselves when the teen-age wild child runs over grandma on a sidewalk with a souped up 70 or 80 cc stingray chopper.

They would be able to throw the book and confiscate something like that, and unfortunately, with high gas prices in the future, a money maker for the prosecution is going to be sitting right there on the shoulder of the highway.

All I can do is suggest extreme caution, as to mufflers, speeds and routes if you are over the cubic centimeter limit. None of my customers have reported any troubles, and I've asked them to notify me if something arises locally.

But by staying under 35cc I think we could fight all the way to the Supreme Court, while you riders who want to stay under the radar have to do just that in the city limits.

Out on the backroads pleasure riding is a different matter, there are few grandmas/sidewalks to worry about.

UNDER THE RADAR means exactly that, spend an extra couple of bucks to muffle the engine in city limits and you'll save a lot of court costs.

Or build two bikes, one for inconspicuous commuting, another for quarter mile drag racing.

AND, not all motorized bike riders use the forums, when you see another one on the street, chase it down and greet the rider, spread the word.

We have to keep the mph and cc things under wraps, but one dead grocery toting grandma will spoil it for everybody.


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Jan 16, 2008
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Re: I just got an e-mail wondering about MB laws

Every Granny I run over I put a little granny symbol on the side of my tank!
I'm kiddingrotfl
We do need to keep them quite and obey the rules of the road or we will all be walking. A guy might take his bike to the cop shop and invite the boys to ride it maybe even talk the chief into buying a few bikes with engines for patrol with the high price of gas it might work. something to ponder about.


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Mar 5, 2008
Re: I just got an e-mail wondering about MB laws

Careful Norman,That blue hair can create havoc with your intake.Ron
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Apr 15, 2008
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Re: I just got an e-mail wondering about MB laws

Keeping it safe and sane and "under the radar" is the way to go.

HOWEVER, a fight to the Supreme Court would be a losing fight. There is no federal law which declares what type of bike may be operated in any state. None. Does not exist.

The short version is that the federal regulations that do exist regulate manufacturing standards, not operation on roads. The two have little to nothing to do with each other. Also, federal regulations do not automatically trump state law...but that's a missive for another time.