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  • Aloha, I was wondering how much your rear mounted chain drive is, the page refuses to load correctly. Which I'm pretty sure is my internet connection and not your page. Regardless I'd love to order it just need to know how much I have to save.
    I'm looking at yourDAX F80 STAGE 1
    LITTLE EVIL Engine and kit! I was wondering if you have a stage 2 or 3 kit?
    Hello Duane,
    Talking a 2 stroke 66. An older engine not one of yours. Do you have or do you know where I can find a bushing not a (needle bearing) to use at the top of the ZAE60 connecting rod? This is a salvage motor failed needle bearing - destroyed Top End with slight damage to top of the rod not perfect enough to simply replace with another needle bearing.
    i bought a 66 flying horse along with a manic mechanic intake from spooky tooth the stock intake has a measurement of an inch and five eights outside to outside of the bolt holes and the manic intake measures an inch and a half close but no cigar.. now im wondering if i have a flying horse or somthing else? thanks much for your help!
    poloste. We ship to the UK all the time. Those outside CONUS can not order off the site. You must call or Skype to order. CONUS =Continental US
    Lordbaby.. You should call me to discuss you carb problem. Or.. You can ask in the Forum.
    I am in Surrey BC in Canada (across the river from Vancouver) and trying to find out if you ship to Canada. My friend and I have a small motorized bike building business here and want to start using your engines. We have been using speeddemon in Calgary but are tired of getting crappy engines. Can you send me an email address or email me at [email protected] My number is 604-644-8793. Thanks, Brad Canning
    Duane how did you do that??? ordered a buncha smalls on a Sat. all arrived the following Monday. Colorado to Maine. This must be a record breaker-I'm amazed.
    Hello thatsdax, I'm Lordbabypanda I just recently purchased an RT Carb with the cables and clutch cables, but the RT Carb doesn't fit on my Motorized bicycle.

    I brought my motorized bicycle kit from Boys go fast, but I didn't realized the RT Carb doesn't fit on my engine.

    I cried because it's the last part for me to install just to make my motorized bicycle work. Please, give me some advice to me it fit, I don't know what else to do.
    Hey Duane! Just touching base with all on my friends list. Gettin too cold to ride up here in Maine. If I were a younger fella It wouldn't bother me a bit. Oh well--So it's gonna be a long gasoline consuming winter. Jus wishing you well hope you have a loving Holiday season with your family. God bless!
    I got the 2 outside shaft collars and snap rings yesterday. Thanks for fast service! The friction kits make me very happy. I like to go get my groceries with the bikes so shopping is less a chore.
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