I cant keep it running!!! Please help



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Aug 16, 2011
I’m having a problem keeping my bike running. I just built my first bike with a Grubee GT5 Motor, took it out and it fired up right away with a 16:1 fuel mixture (like recommended). My problem is that I can’t keep it running. If I turn the lower petcock lever all the way to open it feeds way too much gas into the carb and it ends up flooding and dripping out like crazy. So I’ve figured out that finding a “sweet spot” with the lower petcock (located on the carb) is the way to keep it running if only briefly. But even this doesn’t even really work. It starts fine, and idles fine, but after about 5 min of riding it will die. It either chokes out or floods out. I can get it started right away again my messing with the fuel line(increasing or decreasing flow) but this is super frustrating. Again, I can start it and ride it and it runs great, super smooth and really quite fast. But after a couple trips around the block it dies. I then either shut the fuel off fire it up and ride it again, or give it more fuel fire it up and ride it. But then only to have it die for the same reasons blocks later. Is this typical of these things? to be super unreliable during break in? or am I doing something wrong? Is my fuel mixture wrong? Do I have something set up wrong? Is there an adjustment I’m missing that will keep the motor taking the gas and not pissing it out of the carb? Someone help, im going crazy! And my legs are killing me from pedaling this tank.


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Jun 24, 2011
Atlanta, GA
Inside the carb. bowl is a float. As the bowl fills with fuel the float rises and a needle attached to the float near the float hinge shuts off the flow of fuel to the bowl. The fuel will not stop if the float doesn't rise and/or the needle doesn't shut off the fuel flow. The needle could have fallen out into the bowl or just be improperly placed. The hinge pin could have fallen out of the float hinge and the float can't insert the pin to shut off the flow of fuel. All are easy fixes so don't panic. Check back on this forum if you have questions. I've been in the same position you are in now.