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  • I looked around for a different fork, but I think mine is the right size. My forks steering tube is 7 1/2"" long from the top to the bottom bearing race, with a 4" of threading at the top.
    seem like it would fit if it would get past the washer at the bottom and probaly at the top. wasn't planning to have do any modifying this soon.
    thanks allen think m gonna get the adapter from pirate. didnt want to spend the fifty on a adapter. I also wanted to know where you got your springer fork. I order a greelime,(or however you spell it) berry bike and it woudnt go throught the neck of the bike.
    Hey Allen My name is Buttafinguz. I noticed that you have and the Macargi Huntington and added a motor on it. The plan was to build something that looks alot like was you have/had. I have run into some issues though- first question is, did you have clearance issues with the rear tire and the chain? If so, how did you fix it? Mine looks like it will destroy my white walls?
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