1. 4ze2ro0

    Wont run without peddling

    Jus finished my first build....and been having issues since day the problem is I can't get it to run...ill get up to 6mph pop the clutch while peddling and it'll start running but as soon as I stop peddling the engine bogs out and dies..even giving it gas dose nothing...I've got an 80cc...
  2. T

    Sudden loss of power climbing

    I have a 66cc that's been running great for 2 months. Out of nowhere today it just started losing power when climbing hills or running hard. Starts up fine and runs well when idling or putting around. But as soon as you start to climb it goes, then sputters, goes, sputters, etc. I am certainly...
  3. R

    I cant keep it running!!! Please help

    I’m having a problem keeping my bike running. I just built my first bike with a Grubee GT5 Motor, took it out and it fired up right away with a 16:1 fuel mixture (like recommended). My problem is that I can’t keep it running. If I turn the lower petcock lever all the way to open it feeds way...