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    Bike ran and rode for 2 tanks and now won’t start

    This is my first bike every think is how it was when it was running stick needle height and so fourth. I got spark and fuel. It was flooding and then I cleared it out. Still won’t start I got a couple of back fires and that is it. I think it might be flooding. I could use some good help. THANK YOU
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    New 80cc Bike Kit, Does not start, Possible Flooding

    I recently acquired a new 80cc bike kit. When I first got it, it was working fine, no issues really. After taking it on a bumpy road one day, all my problems began. At first I was sure it was only the carburetor. I completely took apart the entire carburetor and found that the tube that the...
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    I cant keep it running!!! Please help

    I’m having a problem keeping my bike running. I just built my first bike with a Grubee GT5 Motor, took it out and it fired up right away with a 16:1 fuel mixture (like recommended). My problem is that I can’t keep it running. If I turn the lower petcock lever all the way to open it feeds way...