From the middle of nowhere


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May 22, 2012
Vashon Island
Okay, maybe not in the middle of nowhere, But it feels like it! Live in the Puget sound, right on a small island called Vashon. Anyways, I'm 15, and got my project last Christmas. Yes, this is not my first post, as my first one was ranting about BoyGoFast. I had a very bad week a while ago, problem after problem on that motor. But, I am not in the process of drilling and taping the head bolts, because one came stripped, and I don't trust those threads. That's pretty much it about this project. As for my Mk1 and Mk2, they were both weed whacker motors. The first was somewhere around a 20cc, plus or minus 5cc's, and the second was bigger than that. They were both friction drive, and ran surprisingly well. My dad didn't think I could do it, and was having his doubts on the way I was doing it, but it worked. The second one was also my 8th grade science fair project, even though for safety reasons they didn't put it out on display.