1. O

    How would I connect a clutch to my engine?

    I am very new to this hobby, and I need a little help getting started. I am trying to us a weed wacker engine to power my bike. I want it to be chain driven. So I would need to some how attach a sprocket and clutch to my engines output shaft. The only problem is that I can not find a clutch...
  2. H

    From the middle of nowhere

    Okay, maybe not in the middle of nowhere, But it feels like it! Live in the Puget sound, right on a small island called Vashon. Anyways, I'm 15, and got my project last Christmas. Yes, this is not my first post, as my first one was ranting about BoyGoFast. I had a very bad week a while ago...
  3. WaterDog

    What brand of engine does weedeater use?

    Im looking to buy a 25cc weedeater brand weed wacker and use the motor for a friction drive. Im trying to figure out what brand of engine they use. Basically i need to know if that brand will fit the various friction mount kits or if I am going to have to craft my own kit. Thanks!