1. R

    4 stroke bicycle projects

    hi friends my projects as I did in the picture what do you think you engine= fully automatic 4stroke 100cc atv engine chasiss=bicycle gear=14t-44t type= off road Waiting for your thoughts photoshop projects translate= google translate dnut
  2. D

    29er dimondback mountainbike BUILD

    49.5cc suzuki motor just ordered sickbikepartskits was going to fabricate alot of stuff myself but this will allow me to finish project faster less heat from the little lady about time not being spent with her LOL. Also doing a mod on the motor to give it a hi and low gear. going to...
  3. H

    From the middle of nowhere

    Okay, maybe not in the middle of nowhere, But it feels like it! Live in the Puget sound, right on a small island called Vashon. Anyways, I'm 15, and got my project last Christmas. Yes, this is not my first post, as my first one was ranting about BoyGoFast. I had a very bad week a while ago...
  4. F

    New member, vintage cruiser.

    This is my first post, just want to say hello to fellow members. About to start on my first gas bike. thought this was a good candidate.
  5. O

    1947 Whizzer - Project for Sale !!!

    FOR SALE VERY RARE Project Bike !!! 1947 Whizzer !!! WHIZZER Model H on a "Schwinn World" Frame. Frames is pre-1948 Schwinn office fire (where all records were destroyed.) ALL PARTS COMPLETE ! (currently separated into boxes). -- Tillotson carburator -- Gas tank is...
  6. Fahrr

    Greetings from Mexico I present my first project was difficult to get this type of bike to make a motorizedbike, but I'm very happy with the results.dance1 I've put the front light wired to the motor and the turn signals and horn on the handlebars, as a motorcycle...