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Feb 17, 2011
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Hello All!

This is my first build, that i completed with the help of a seasoned MB builder. It is a Huffy Cranbrook from walmart for $89. Her name is "DARLA" I am not sure if we are supposed to name our rides.. but i love it so much! The motor is a 80cc. the first week I rode it, I had the stock handlebars, then upgraded to the Ape Hangers! My second day out riding, I was on a 10 mile trip when on my way back, my clutch cable snapped while trying to slow down. Hopefully this has happened to many before me.. if not I did something wrong. I have two solutions to this problem.. 1 is the one im using now.. I placed a plastic sheath, that I got from my local bike store, over the cable as indicated in the photos.. reducing the sawing action that the guide bolt thing did to it before.
My third day out, I got two flat tires.. so I replaced both with those Slime filled 5x thick tubes.. love them!!
I have an analog speedometer coming and a drop down, rear axle kickstand coming in the mail currently, I will post pictures of those when they arrive!
I reasearched, and tracked down a dealer, which took me 5 days to do.. a Fulmer V2 "Easy Rider" Helmet.. which is BEAUTIFUL!!
My next project will be fashioning a fiberglass cover to place over the current peanut tank, and paint it to match my helmet.. get the real look of the movie!! I am going to use the same method as "HoughMade" did for his gorgeous masterpiece!
If I lift up my back tire and spin the tire.. it wobbles as it turns around. What could be a cause of that, and is there a fix for it? im sure it is just aligned improperly with the bolts, but I have no idea. Insight please?


I live in California, am 20 yrs old and work for 2 Police Departments. Here is what I found in the Vehicle Code for CA, and have already gotten pulled over once for riding her.
I will post more details tomorrow and edit this, but the main point is We do NOT need registration on Motorbikes. these are defines as Motorized Bicycles by the state. and DO require a Helmet even if OVER the age of 18. and Do NOT need an M2 License for them. I will have supporting Vehicle Code numbers on here very shortly!!

Ride Safe, and enjoy the Sun!
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Nov 4, 2009
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You'd be good to check the laws forum for California law. Plenty of people in CA have provided details there, and their experiences with the courts. All the vehicle codes you're looking for are already there. I seem to recall reading that you do need a license, and a DOT helmet. I forget about registration.

I'm trying to see in the pictures the sleeve you're talking about. I must be missing it, but I think I know what you're talking about. I know that some of the engines come with a bent clutch arm, to deal with that wear point. Some people have fabricated a pulley bit mounted at the clutch cover which accomplishes the same thing, and makes for an easy pull on the clutch.

Nice bike, insane bars. ;)


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Dec 22, 2009
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That's a good looking bike :) I like the color of your fuel oil mix, what oil are you running?
Apes look great! Make sure that you have the best brakes (plural) you can get, and keep your fenders secure. Great work, have fun and ride far :)


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Apr 26, 2009
Great looking bike but one suggestion before you kill yourself,go to your local bike shop and pick up some double hanger Balloon fenders for around 35 bucks(I love the chrome ones)....If one of those cheap fenders come loose your in a world of hurt,and change out the back rim to a heavyduty 12gauge spoke coaster break rim from your local bike shop for around 50 bucks before that one bends and gives out on you....Love your ape hangers there very cool....


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Jan 19, 2010
Your wheel is probably out of true if it is wobbling. Google how to true a bicycle wheel . Nice looking bike.


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Aug 18, 2009
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sounds like you're looking at V.C. 406b, which is for electric bikes, and not 406a, which is for gas.

i know from first hand court time, and sitting on the side of the road getting a ticket-time, that we DO need all these things, and it's clearly stated in more than one section of the DMV website.

but if you've found something no one else knows about, i might just have to move to san marcos.

welcome to the forum...:)


Apr 1, 2009
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Good lookin bike.
From the picture it looks like you've got a little head gasket leak on the front left.
Clean off the black stuff with carb cleaner. Re-tighten the acorn nuts, careful not to over do it, and ride.
If it re-appears take of the head and use some 220 grit sandpaper on a flat surface (window glass, granite counter top or equivalent and re-install it.
Sometimes they are warped from the get go.
Good luck and keep the rubber on the road.