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  • -Gasps for air- Man! Its been a long time. I've been drowning in life. lol

    How have you been hun? I finally got an mb again. Hows life? Ever finish your military bike?
    figured it out...ur not gonna believe this, had NOTHING to do with the engine, the bearing in my rear tire axle was demolished when i opened it up......i couldnt believe it, everything made sense all the sudden, the engine was trying to make something stuck turn...therefore the engine probably wouldve idled (didnt even try) but would not go.....couldnt believe it....hopefully get it fixed soon, hopefully bike shop has the pretty sure its just a bearing....might have done more damage....AHHH, oh and i got that stupid tool out hahaha
    Hey there! I was reading a post with some important information and was wondering if you could help me out:

    Originally Posted by LS614
    That's not the stock CDI, it came from a member in Ecuador and is a high performance upgrade. He makes the electronic box and then you get an ignition coil from a honda or something like that on ebay to use with the box. That's what "that white thing" is

    I was hoping you could give me information about this guy in Ecuador. I am living in Ecuador and just bought a MB 2 weeks ago. I would like to know if I could get some stuff done. Thanks in advance!
    thanks for the comment, how do you get other people to comment? I only have 3.
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