gas tank
  1. F

    Gas Tank Cap Wont Thread Back on

    So guys you are my last hope after 2 hours of googling and no answers. So story time, went to go home on my lunch break got home checked my gas tank to see how full it was you know usual stuff before heading out. Saw it was low and went to pour some gas in to get it back to full. Simple stuff...
  2. R

    Issue with rear brake lines

    hello, I'm having an issue with my rear brake lines and I haven't found any posts about this particular problem. The rear brake lines on my bike run down from the handlebars and across the top of the top bar of the bicycle to the back wheel. The gas tank however needs to be installed right on...
  3. TheNecromancer13

    Where to get a cylindrical gas tank?

    I'm looking for a good quality cylindrical gas tank that I can use on my 125cc lifan build, preferably holding about 1 gallon. Anyone know where to get one?
  4. M

    What size / type of nuts are used to fasten the gas tank to the bicycle?

    For some reason, I did not receive the nuts for the gas tank in my kit, and I was wondering what type and size nuts I need to use to screw onto the gas tank stubs to mount it to the bike? I will be visiting the hardware store once I know this, or bring the tank to the store. I just joined this...
  5. Teratoma

    Best and biggest tank for this kind of bike

    Preface: My beloved Lola; my first build - a cheap Walmart frame with a 49cc China Doll - was stolen last week. I only had her since 04/2014. I have since replaced her with a custom frame build that my friend's roommate has had in storage for far too long. I will miss Lola terribly; but this...
  6. JaxInsany

    Share your custom gas tank!

    Hello everyone, my project for the next week is replacing my piece-of-crud, leaky stock gas tank for something more sleek and better functioning. I would love to see pictures of other custom gas tanks that people have made/mounted (particularly tanks mounted behind the seat, mounted under the...
  7. S

    my crany mod

    After my old 1970's handy down MB failed about a year ago, I built a quick cranny and ever since wanted to modify it. At one point I flipped the handle bars around and down to give a BTR feel. well with summer break finally here and I'm all clear of summer camps I finally have the time and...
  8. X

    $15 2.5L gas tank

    Spooky tooth sent me this spare gas tank cause my old one had a leak, but by the time they sent this one I had sufficiently sealed the leak. So I dont need this gas tank anymore, never been used, still in box...
  9. Ruby478

    fuel gauge install?

    Has anyone ever installed a fuel gauge on their bike ? or knows how please tell me cause id like to know cause im planning on building a velocar and i wanna install one on there
  10. D

    WTB: Good Condition Gas Tank

    I'm looking for a top tube mounted gas tank from someone in the San Diego area. I'll pick up a cheap peanut style tank for $20-30 or more for a Sachs Moped style tank. My tank started crying again this week and I will too if it keeps me from going on the group ride this Saturday. Hit me up! BTW...
  11. W

    **Pocket Bike Exhaust and Gas Tank**

    Ive seen a lot of people put pocket bike exhausts on their bikes and I wanted to know which one to get, preferably one that goes under. I also wanted to put that white half gallon pocket bike gas tank on a motor bike so I can see the mixture and to not have a bulky metal gas tank on my bike...
  12. T

    First one.. work in progress??

    Hello All! This is my first build, that i completed with the help of a seasoned MB builder. It is a Huffy Cranbrook from walmart for $89. Her name is "DARLA" I am not sure if we are supposed to name our rides.. but i love it so much! The motor is a 80cc. the first week I...