Gas Tank Cap Wont Thread Back on


New Member
Jul 30, 2019
So guys you are my last hope after 2 hours of googling and no answers. So story time, went to go home on my lunch break got home checked my gas tank to see how full it was you know usual stuff before heading out. Saw it was low and went to pour some gas in to get it back to full. Simple stuff shouldn't have taken but 5 minutes top. So i get everything going and I accidentally got a little to much fuel in. I didn't think much of it due to it happening on numerous occasions and the excess just evaporates. I go to put the cap in and spilled the excess, and went to start screwing and I noticed it wasn't catch. It just kept spinning repeatedly. So I pulled it out think something was on it to cause it not to. There was, the O-ring I guess for this fell onto it so went to put it back on and it broke. So I went to set the O-ring down and put the cap back in because I thought O-rings just prevented spills shouldn't throw me off till I get another one in town. It still wont screw back on no matter what. I'm at a complete loss here.