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Jul 3, 2008
Hello, I'm trying to put this kit I bought off eBay a while ago together and am running into some trouble right off the bat. Hopefully some of you can help me out :)

1. Don't have the mount for the fat tube. It looks like it is just a piece of metal with 3 holes drilled and a couple bolts? Also, how do you remove the studs that are already in the engine to hold the skinny tube mount?

2. Rear sprocket is flat with only 5 holes, unlike the 9 hole in the instructions that is not flat. No matter how I turn it, the 5 holes will not all make it thorough the spokes. One will always hit dead center into one or more of them. I tried with two different bikes. Should I just eat the cost and buy the 9 hole one?

3. Another with the rear sprocket. I have seen conflicting instructions. Do I put one of the rubber grommets between the spokes and the sprocket? Or does the sprocket go right against the metal?



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Jan 16, 2008
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1 to remove the studs in the engine put 2 nuts on the bolt and jam them together then unscrew the stud by using the lower nut.

2 Keep playing with it you might get lucky and get all 5 to fit if you can't get it to fit there is no law that says you can't re drill one hole to miss the spokes that would be the last hole after all the rest of the bolts and plates are on so when you drill all will aline up nicely.

3 from the out side in this is the sandwich. sprocket, fiber washer,spokes,fiber washer, metal backing plates.

There is some posts on this forum showing how to mount these engines and sprockets and how to adjust etc. good luck.
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Jan 15, 2008
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Why do you need to take the studs out. I think the adapter is for the two studs and the center hole is to use to hold the bolt for a drill through the front tube. I didn't use one so Im not sure though