1. TheNecromancer13

    Where to get a cylindrical gas tank?

    I'm looking for a good quality cylindrical gas tank that I can use on my 125cc lifan build, preferably holding about 1 gallon. Anyone know where to get one?
  2. M

    Fuel tank sizes?

    I am thinking about getting a larger fuel tank, which will help me not worry as much when going long distances, and I won't have to fill up as often, but I am currently getting about 25 miles per fuel tank (I believe I have a 1.5 liter fuel tank on my bike). So, I was wondering, are there any...
  3. Teratoma

    Best and biggest tank for this kind of bike

    Preface: My beloved Lola; my first build - a cheap Walmart frame with a 49cc China Doll - was stolen last week. I only had her since 04/2014. I have since replaced her with a custom frame build that my friend's roommate has had in storage for far too long. I will miss Lola terribly; but this...
  4. G

    Reclaimed from the junkyard!

    I am fed up with the kit supplied peanut tank, looks cheap and store-bought! (I think I actually just read that somewhere recently) I took a trip down to the local motorcycle salvage. After speaking with the owner and finding the smaller fuel tanks, I chose this one It belonged to...
  5. C

    gas guzzler?

    i filled the half gallon tank a few days ago, and since have gone maybe 20 miles probably alot less. but the tank is almost empty. the only thing i can think of that is unusual is that i had the fuel valve pointing in the opposite direction from on, i thought this was also on. why is my engine...
  6. R

    Attaching a gas line/tank

    Hi Everybody; I'm new here and this is one of my first builds. I'm using a 42cc chainsaw motor, and I was wondering how to run a hose from it's small, built in gas tank to the frame of the bike where I could attach some other type of tank. right now, the gas cap is on the side of the engine...
  7. CTripps

    Adding a bit of Chrome

    Hey folks I just redid a tank for my cruiser, and this time 'round I took a few pics as I did it. This may have been covered before, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to show some pics anyway. For some of our builds, it's the finishing touches that really make it stand out. Here's an easy way...
  8. F

    Jesse James faux tank build!

    I picked up this faux tank that came off the west coast chopper Jesse James edition schwinn stingray Listed $40 on craigslist Managed to get it for $25 So far It seems I will have to cut the welds and widen the rear of the tank since my frame goes from oval to wide circle half way down the...
  9. A

    Can I Make This Work?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm new here.....

    I have a Trek mountain bike that i want to put a Flying Hourse 66/80cc kit on from Bikeberry.com. I have not ordered it yet because of a little problem i might have. Now the problem i'm having some trouble with right now is the four shifter cables that run along the top of the down tube...If i...
  10. M

    Interchangeable Gas Tank?

    Is it possible to use a motorcycle fuel tank for a bike? It seems 1.4-2.5 liters is the norm for a tank, is there anything special on a 2.4L bicycle fuel tank that isn't on a 2 gallon motorcycle gas tank? Is there any kind of modification I could do to the gas tank to work with a bike engine?
  11. Ruby478

    perfect tank idea

    I was messing around with two stock 2.5 L tanks and i noticed that if you were to just cut the bottoms out and weld them together it makes the perfect bobber tank ...........so im gonna do this so you can see what i mean
  12. D

    NEW 4 Stroke & 2 stroke PARTS - NEW!

    NEW Crankset with 28t board tracker style front sprocket ($30 retail). 140mm short for use with wide 4 INcludes New BMX Bottom Bracket Conversion Kit so you can use this 3 Piece set on an American style 1 Piece bottom bracket hanger ($20 retail), plus NEW EXTRA WIDE Spindle 158 mm ($10 retail)...
  13. D

    Reasonable Tank builder needed!!!

    I need somebody to weld me up a custom tank. I can take care of some of the time consuming prep work, so I am looking for a great deal. Trying to keep cost at around $150. Here is the pic of the frame I need a tank for. I don't care if it is made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. I...