Reasonable Tank builder needed!!!


New Member
Dec 15, 2008
Los Angeles
I need somebody to weld me up a custom tank. I can take care of some of the time consuming prep work, so I am looking for a great deal. Trying to keep cost at around $150.

Here is the pic of the frame I need a tank for. I don't care if it is made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. I just need it fuel proof, pressure tested if possible, and with all the welds ground down ready for bondo & finish.

I have a body shop so I can do the bondo, primer & painting, as well as the creem liner inside. I can even send you the fuel cap, petcocks bung, brackets & mounting hole bungs in the right material (steel, stainless or aluminum). I can also send you the cardboard mock-up so I don't have to ship out that expensive, heavy, huge-ass frame (it is a stretched cruiser).

I just need a mig welder to cut the sheet metal & weld it up.

I know some of you expensive & talented builders out there are going to (^$(^#&(* about how it is not worth your time, so if that is you you can probably keep moving. lol

I am looking for somebody confident that they can do the job, but willing to do it for less since there is not rush here and I am doing some of the prep & finish work. The most expensive materials are all the bungs, etc., so that helps with the price.

Any takers please contact me.