1. Sgt. Howard

    Cheap 6 volt lighting system!!!

    Starting with the headlight- here's the donor system Bought at Wally World for less than $10. 10 LEDs- does a good job of lighting up the road.
  2. N


    Hi, I have a 80cc kit and I was wondering if it is possible to power a headloght with it. The engine has a white, black and blue wire coming out of it and the CDI box has blue, black and green wires coming out of it. I connected the black to black and the blue to blue and it runs great but...
  3. T

    Relay/Fusebox Best Practices?

    As I am collecting parts for my XR-80 board track racer build, I'm focusing on building a reliable electrical system. I plan on having the following: -Ecotrons EFI kit with 2.5 amp fuel pump, CDI, etc. -2 amp headlight -5 watt tail light -turn signals -car/motorcycle horn -Trail Tech Vapor...
  4. Noxuz

    Full suspension, full functionability

    Sup guys, this is my latest build, it took a ****ton of time to build, but its finaly here, i attached a battery to run a headlight, turn lights, a horn. Also notice de rear shox, its pretty heavy and runs like a champ, also de thumb throttle improves comfort. Thinking perhaps on a fiber...
  5. kitesrfun1

    Lighting it up! wiring help.

    zptHey riders, for the past few months I've been working on my electrical components: 12v headlight brake light turn signals horn universal motorcycle handlebar switch 30 amp fuse flasher Testing my wires from left to right to positive to blue has got my brain boggled. Long...
  6. D

    custom 2 stroke headlight set up

    hello,im building a schwinn cruiser 2 stoke bike and looking for a schematic or diagram for the lighting running a 12v 9.5ah rechargeable battery and a ct-70 throttle assemble with full light fuction on the controls.dnut
  7. R

    Anyone try this light or have opinion??? 15-watt LED headlight, 1200 lumens, $23

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/310568041747 15 watt led headlight, supposedly 1,200 lumens. I believe it if it's really 15 watts. I was thinking of adding this to an led truck fog light that I am currently using as a high beam for night rides. I have a 12-volt battery on my bike capable of powering...
  8. Mike B

    Ebike Headlight

    I ordered up one of these; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-12w-led-head-light-motor-e-bike-bicycle-white-24-90v-24-36-48-60-72-84-DIY-/160881566009?pt=Cycling_Parts_Accessories&hash=item257549e139 And it arrived today. Very nice well made piece. But does it work as advertised? Only...
  9. Ancient Order

    Headlight battery... Connecting wires

    I'm somewhat worried about having the battery of my headlight right under that gas tank; whenever I connect the plugs it makes a little spark. Should I be worried? Also how can I connect the two plugs so that I'll be able to attach and unattach one of them instead of using a switch? Is there...
  10. Ruby478

    Homemade headlight under $10

    I made a very bright headlight battery operated for under $10 anyone can make this headlight easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFFAmHlE1G0
  11. N

    Brightest portable,rechargeable Flashlight/Headlight (in my opinion))

    i Recently bought an HID Flashlight off ebay, i went with the 50w 6500k one and let me say it is the brightest flashlight ive ever used or seen, its about the size of those MAG lights and weighs maybe 5 pounds. its 4300 Lumens bright it is brighter then many car headlights and literally lights...
  12. Schwinn the Fox

    Will a 12v generator make your engine explode?

    Heres something new, I bought a 12v Generator which runs off the magneto (NOT THE WHITE WIRE) on my 49cc chinagirl and I installed it. Worked fine and loved it. Even got a taillight to go with the headlight that came with the gen. After about 3 days of using it I noticed something, quite not...
  13. Ruby478

    Homemade lights are the best

    So I've been working on a set of lights for my bike. I got tired of the walmat crap I was using, it didnt cut it! Here's what i did, The supplies: 2-6v 4.5amph SLA batteries(from Academy Sports) wired in series(10$ each) 1-12v 20watt halogen lamp (RadioShack) part #272-0006 (7$) 1-...