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  • hey i live in west co hit me up 6266067352 i got a 48cc motore bike i did mods to love to test it against ur 37mph bike im runing a 34 tooth gear with rt carb
    Here's the tubes you need, cheap! http://motorbicycling.com/f53/slicks-semi-slicks-both-33163-2.html#post327563

    Road bicyclists use slick tires for speed. The tires on road bicycles come in quite a variety, but most are ultra-light and offer very little suspension, flat protection, or traction, really, especially at speeds over 30mph. They are made purely to maximize speed and efficiency. I love road cycling, but I don't think I'd want to run a motor kit on a road bicycle with skinny tires. A cyclocross bike seems doable, and I'm working on it now. I liked running road slicks on my mb (26x 1.75) but got flats a lot and couldn't go down country roads easily.
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