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  • Yep born and bred here in the Lone Star State, not everyone here is all that sensible but most of us small town country folks have a pretty good grip on things.......
    It's all about the hub dimentions- throw a caliper on the hub in question and get back to me with diameter and width between flanges
    hi sgt howard the raphill for the bike will be next sun ill let you know who won also a fast quiston will your hub adapter work on a 29 inch wheal i have another build im doing and think i will use it if it will fit thanks for all your time your friend phill simmons
    re: FFL . I bet you can remember when people used to buy guns through the mail and send a kid to go pick it up. :=)
    i hope your ok i had one of thouse afew years ago i added a whind shield to the bike for rafel its in a folder of pics let me know what you think i think ill order one for all my bikes
    here a pic or two of the raffel bike thanks so much agin let me know what you think i loaded them on my folders to if it didnt go thru
    hi just got the bike done and it looks great i just need your card info so i can make the plaqe to put on it for the hub gear you donated i want to make shure you are happy ill get photos of it soon thanks your friend phill simmons
    got your parts today and am starting on it tomarow to put together it looks awsome thanks agin it will make the hole look of the bike more hi tek your awsome your friend phill simmons
    Hey Sgt. Howard Thank You for being my friend. I am in the southwest in Tucson,Arizona just a few miles North of Mexico. The weather is great here with year round motorized bicycle riding weather.
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