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  • Hey gearnut well i took the clutch case off and undid the flower nut and pulled the plate off and noticed 3 pads are only half the size they supposed to be and to top it off there isn't a spring between the clutch and clutch plate..seems like where i got this engine they didn't assemble it properly and looks as if they snapped 3 pads and said screw it and just put them in any way..now looking at the cover and looking inside i notice alot of shaved metal..what kind of grease should i use on the small sprocket that turns the clutch?now im sure the wood drift key needs to be replaced but i don't know how to remove the drive sprocket to do so but Ima buy the parts i need..tell you what here is my number so i can talk to you will make it easier on me......985-590-7281..my name is wes tyvm gore your knowledge and support.
    into the lever perch. The cable is hung up and not letting the clutch release fully relax and the clutch cannot completely lock up, causing it to slip.

    That's the easy stuff to check.

    The harder stuff to check would be that the small gear on the end of the crank shaft has come loose on the shaft, and sheared the woodruff key that locates it on the shaft. This situation can cause random slip or stick failures as the crank shaft could slip, then grip, then slip again inside the gear. Each time it slips it would grind away at the mating metal surfaces and the problem will worsen over time.

    The clutch can do the same on the end of the clutch shaft, shearing the woodruff key in it and randomly slip and stick.

    Good luck diagnosing it, and start with the easy stuff first.
    Please keep me informed with what you find, and I'll do my best to help you out.
    Odd that is is happening randomly.
    I doubt that it is a clutch adjustment at the flower nut as that would cause constant slipping or dragging if it were out of adjustment.
    This random occurring problem could be caused by a number of different things.
    When was the last time you greased the release shaft, bucking bar and ball bearing inside the clutch shaft, behind the drive sprocket/ release cover? They both need to be well lubricated and move freely.

    How much slack does the cable have when the hand lever is out/ fully released? You should have about 1/8" side to side wiggle room in the cable (no tension on it).
    It could be that the clutch cable is not moving smoothly in the cable housing, getting bound up somewhere. This could be caused by a sharp bend in the routing, not enough lubrication in the cable, or (not too likely, but can't rule it out) the cable has frayed inside the housing. You would notice this due to the fact that the hand lever would not return...Continued on P.2
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