1. B

    Need help! 140 spoke rims and installing the rear sprocket

    Hey guys, need some help here. Just a got a new bike and I mainly bought it because I loved the rims on the bike. The rims have 140 spokes and I really didn't think about how to install the rear sprocket before I bought it. Anyways, I have a pic of what it looks like below, but my main question...
  2. M

    Custom cnc sliding disc dropouts for Dyno glide deluxe

    If there are any Dyno fans out there, I am selling my custom made cnc machined sliding disc dropouts. They where to go on a Dyno glide deluxe ebike project but, circumstances have changed. The pics don't convey the beauty of these things! I am selling them for 1600 Swedish Krona, And if anyone...
  3. SoughtAnarchy

    Any advice on assembling disc brakes on BBR Tuning wheels?

    I recently bought these wheels and someone on here told me I should go for disc brakes instead of rims brakes. I have a standard cruiser set up with this engine on it. Any advice from y'all would be great. Mainly trying to see what I'll need to buy to assemble it (i.e. the disc brake set, any...
  4. SoughtAnarchy

    Newbie here! Looking for suggestions to mod my new kit

    So, I recently bought this kit: I threw it on a brand new beach cruiser and it was riding fine for a day or two. Then the chain tensioner came loose and broke my spokes. (I'm...
  5. S

    O ring keeps popping off rear wheel hub

    Hello, I have a 66cc two stroke engine on a hyper cruiser bicycle. It went great for the first few miles but now the o ring keeps popping off the rear hub releasing the bicycle sprocket and I can’t pedal or stop (using coaster brake). I reseat it and it pops off within minutes anyone have any...
  6. carl clack

    Definitely gonna need some new Lights - 1st night ride

    btw i do however have on a very nice reflective vest! keep the negative comments - only positive input needed - thank you - I built this and feel very accomplished dont try and take that away!
  7. B

    26 x 2.5 Wheels

    Anyone know of a vender that has a 26 x2.5 preferably steel wheel. Aluminum would be OK but I would like to find steel. This is what was used on the Simplex Servi-Cycle. I'm looking for an alternative to original. Thanks, Bob
  8. greenjon

    Fito Modena GT-2 / 7-speed / 49cc 4-stroke / 4G T Belt / SBP shift kit

    I'll start my first build next week. $422 Fito Modena GT-2 7-speed cruiser with 24" x 3" tires and dual disc brakes $381 49cc 4-stroke HS142F with 80-tooth 4G gear ( $217 Shift Kit and chain breaker (Sick Bike Parts) $52 Heavy Duty Clutch (Staton-inc) $8 Tire Slime tube...
  9. mbearden

    Three At Once

    So, in my process of cleaning out my garage and getting ready to trade the orange bike for an electric bike, I put all three of the gas bikes I've built together for a photo-op. The Black bike is one I built for a guy at work, the blue one is my daily rider, and the Orange one was just traded...
  10. T

    sixthreezero Around The Block Men's 26 inch build

    Recently I have been looking at building a motorized bike, and stumbled across a frame I really like, the only thing is it is a 18 inch frame, but it looks like it would fit a 2 stroke engine. Here is the Amazon link...
  11. M

    Check out my video of my Schwinn Delmar cruiser bike built Enjoy! ps. does anyone think that my hub adapter is a problem, as there is a gap between the two pieces on the hub even though I have tightened them lots and lots. Thanks Mike xct2
  12. S

    my bikes

    my bikes I have been tinkering with. I have a cruiser and a 29" mountain bike which is very high and even tough to get on and im 6ft. I bought a performance pipe which wont fit I have to fabricate it I guess. also I bought a new racing carb off ebay and when I installed it it just boggs down and...
  13. M

    New but still experienced

    Hi I'm sal been into motorized bike for 8 years I've built many bikes. Currently am working on a micargi Rover gt I began by sanding and priming frame I chose an orange to be more visible. Built my rims from hubs and opted for disk brakes(dual brake lever with brake switch I made). I also...
  14. B

    Came a long way to get here

    Before my current bike I was experimenting with all sorts of unsafe shenanigans, I am in the process of tuning this bike to optimum comfort. She runs and runs well. Please enjoy and critique responsibly. My current project is turning a skateboard deck into a comfy "two cheek" seat. Also working...
  15. H

    Mo’ betta Jetta 20” bobba jobba

    Some of you might have seen my introduction and the start of my 20” dual suspension BMX build. That bike is a more in depth build, with full light system, moped seat, battery, on board charging, headlight fairing, shift kit, vapor speedo, custom paint and many more details/parts. I have the...
  16. E

    Sunlite springer fork

    hey everybody I'm thinking about putting a Sunlite Deluxe Springer Replica Fork on my 26 " cruiser bike with disc brakes. does anybody use this particular setup? or is there a better way i can go?
  17. I

    Project revival

    About a year and a half ago i set out customize my Cranbrook, and never really finished the mods ( Well under a different account I will now resume that build now to be a daily driver to school (i am a sophomore in high...
  18. G

    NEW... a journey recounted in paragraphs!

    Hopefully added picturetickled my thigh and started to burn... It was money and it was burning a hole in my pocket! I decided to start with a Huffy Panama Jack, for $170 it was kinda steep but the extendable rear rack is welded to the frame. It is true that Huffy is just a shadow of its...
  19. P

    Cruiser Trike with 4-stroke dirt bike motor

    Greetings, I'm thinkin' about another build. This will be my second. I didn't think these things were ever finished, but it seems like my chopper is done. I ride it almost every day, but now I think I need a cargo bike. My son found a cruiser in a dumpster and I ordered a Trike kit from...
  20. CTripps

    Autobike Cruiser Build

    Hey folks I've been feeling it lately, that "builder's itch" or whatever you want to call it.. the need to start a new bike. After doing my cruiser up I wanted to do another one, so I've kept an eye on CL etc for a frame to start from. I found this one, the seller wanted $200 but he accepted...