Three At Once


Mar 2, 2016
Florence, KY
So, in my process of cleaning out my garage and getting ready to trade the orange bike for an electric bike, I put all three of the gas bikes I've built together for a photo-op. The Black bike is one I built for a guy at work, the blue one is my daily rider, and the Orange one was just traded for electric. The guy told me it was 48v but it was 24v when I got it home, but alas I will find a use for it. Here's some pictures of my gas bikes. Let me know what you think. These bikes represent a lot of the last year and a half of my life! I went so far as to rent a garage so that I could make my own work-shop. I'd love to hear from anyone in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Southeastern Indiana Tri-State area who would be interested in riding.


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