1. mbearden

    Three At Once

    So, in my process of cleaning out my garage and getting ready to trade the orange bike for an electric bike, I put all three of the gas bikes I've built together for a photo-op. The Black bike is one I built for a guy at work, the blue one is my daily rider, and the Orange one was just traded...
  2. mbearden

    Third build, first post, Genesis GX7 (Astra) with SBP Shift Kit

    Hey All! This is my first post, though I have been following the forum for quite a while. I put my first build together a year ago next month! My first build was on a 700c Roadmaster Adventures $99 Wal-Mart special. I learned quite a lot from that first build, including but not limited to; 700c...
  3. G

    Genesis 29 rocks

    Took it to the beach (Garden City, SC) last weekend. Woke up at sunrise and rode for about 30 miles. It was so awesome I can't tell you. People just stopped in their tracks and stared. Now I just need to get the high end of the power band working. The float bowl is at an angle so I've added...
  4. shwnrttr

    what tires on genesis onyx?

    anbody know what make/model/size tire comes on the genesis onyx? those look like pretty fat tires for a 29''. i want them!