1. B

    Schwinn OCC Chopper 212cc Build

    Howdy, I am venturing into my first Predator 212 (removed gov.) build and wanted people's opinion on somethings. To start with I am using a Schwinn OCC Stingray bicycle that I will be extending the frame. On the main lower frame bar I will be using 2”x4” square tubing so that I can also use it...
  2. PluckStrumRide

    12v generator help

    New to the forum. 3 builds under my belt so far. The age old question that I can NEVER sort out: How to get proper lighting on a bike? I'd rather skip buying endless amounts of batteries and buying lights that fail after a week or two. I HAVE found a 12v generator that installs next to the...
  3. motorhedfred

    Cannibal on a budget

    I'm smitten by the Nirve Cannibal/Switchblade bikes but can't afford to be bitten by the price. I'm not keen to lay out several hundred dollars for a new bicycle and then start cutting on it. After much searching, I found this. Probably made on the same production line as the Nirve bikes...
  4. A

    Leather covered solo seat

    Leather covered cruiser seat Hey everyone. Been riding my sled a lot, and was wanting to get some sort of leather covered seat, in that sort of bobber-chopper-solo-pan type. I have a lowrider style Felt Bixby, and I want a seat in that sort of style. Looked all over the web, and couldn't find...
  5. K

    Kaeli Khaos Kustom Rat chopper

    .shft. My Custom chopper. Its painted the ford gt colors now, but ive decided to go with an od green paint this year. The motor is not on it right now,as ive been doing frame upgrades, as well as rebuilding the motor. The wrist pin e clip broke into the motor and chewed the...
  6. N

    New to building / motorized bikes

    I'm new to building motorized bicycles in general and I gained a lot of knowledge through the forums but also have some questions of my own. I am looking at building my own bike, after not being able to find a schwinn occ stingray like I wanted to locally. I would like to build a frame...
  7. maniac57

    Jesse James seat: Opinions?

    Here's something I've been thinking of trying. It's a 2001 RM 250 seat. The lines look about right to me. Imagine a sissy bar for the rear mounting point,
  8. fgonensin

    occ build

    Im building an ooc motorized bike any thing I should look out for?.trk
  9. irishpowerjunkie

    suspension chopper frame plans

    hey guys I finally have the complete frame plans for sale. any one interested pm me.I will be asking 20 euro. I have both solidworks versions and generic Dxf versions so that those without access can view.I should warn drawings are rather large for 2 parts, ie around 700mm long x 500mm tall for...
  10. kitesrfun1

    FS or trade Chopper Springer Silva Imperial Fork Hi guys I'm looking to trade or sell this fork for a Monark fork, disc brake adapters, and or some wide tires. Drop me a line thanks!
  11. F

    Jesse James faux tank build!

    I picked up this faux tank that came off the west coast chopper Jesse James edition schwinn stingray Listed $40 on craigslist Managed to get it for $25 So far It seems I will have to cut the welds and widen the rear of the tank since my frame goes from oval to wide circle half way down the...
  12. 2door

    Another Fender Crash Story

    I'm not a newbie. I've been around for a while and those who know me know that I'm sort of a stickler for safety and a little anal retentive about some things like fenders. You've heard me and others preach about the hazards of running fenders on a motorized bike. I do use fenders, front and...
  13. S

    GT2-A Springer

    Hey all, Well finished my first build last summer and it is still running great as a daily driver, onyx 29er with 4000+ on it. Ive decided it was time to build something really nice and document it here. Started with a GT2-a platform and im hoping that when its done its going to be one of...
  14. B

    chopper bike? stingray vs. other

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and world of motor bikes but very excited to be joining. For my first bike, I want a cool looking chopper bike with an 66cc (80cc) motor with a budget of about $400. I am not quite sure what bike to use though... All i can find om craigslist is the schwinn...
  15. C

    west coast budget build

    auflg I'v just started building a motorirzed west coast chopper bicycle. I have very few tools and mechanical knowledge. however so far i have constructed a new mount for the rear hub simply by using longer bolts and a piece of sheet metal and a few nuts. very cost effective and easy.. if i can...
  16. D

    OCC Stingray Chopper lights

    Anyone know of a good way to wire on a light kit? I have blinkers, tail/brake lights and headlights, as well as switch handles to activate them, but I ran into a snag with the blinkers because the handles don't make them blink, just turn them off and on, any suggestions? I can't find much about...
  17. 16v4nrbrgr

    My first Motorized Bicycle, OCC Chopper custom street fighter!

    Hello, my name's Kyle and I'm new to motorbicycling. I've always thought small motorcycles, pit bikes, and mopeds were cool, and have ridden a lot of scooters at the race track to run errands and get around, and thought it would be fun to get into this hobby as a diversion from getting into...
  18. M

    New 110cc Custom Frame Project

    Ok I'll start off by saying that I am aware that this isn't exactly going to be a "motorized bicycle" but more of a mini motorcycle....but either's my build. I bought a 110cc 3spd, semi-auto, cheapy dirtbike from a gentleman in the area. The cost of the engine around here is $400...
  19. madwheels37

    Pull Starts SUCK!!!!!

    I can't believe this is $50 I have put into magnetos because of the pull start mechanism. I have replaced 3 times and now a 4th purchase will have to made. This is so annoying. And magnetos are Not the easiest thing to take out and replace. It has to be done, but damn it, I just want it to...
  20. B

    my chopper on youtube

    hi folks here is my 66 cc 8 speed chopper i built many years ago, it still runing fine, has upgraded bearings ports done, expansion chamber hyd disc front and rear. the link is ‪chopper bicycle, chopper bike, 80cc chopper push bike,‬‏ - YouTube, enjoy this is how i build em in australia...