FS or trade Chopper Springer Silva Imperial Fork


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Jun 12, 2013
For your convenience I've uploaded images directly.

As you can see this heavy duty fork is in the process of being stripped to it's original chrome, but If anyone wants me to leave it as is, let me know.

Imperial Fork info:
Silva Imperial Extended Fork:
Featuring a double chromed spring up front with a slick cnc'd aluminum spring cap and 4 CNC'd triple-tree stem braces with double pinch bolts per side. You just won't find anything like it anywhere.You can even set it up with Disc Brakes or a Sachs Drum Brake! It's fitted with cable guides too. The forks also feature precision sealed bearings in the lower rockers with the option of custom CNC'd aluminum spring caps for that total
show look. Designed to fit a 20" wheel,. Reach: 32" from center of handlebar to center of axle. Handlebar: Fits 1" and 7/8" with shim

If anyone has any cash offers Monark forks, or other bundled trades, please let me know!