springer fork

  1. fgonensin

    occ build

    Im building an ooc motorized bike any thing I should look out for?.trk
  2. kitesrfun1

    FS or trade Chopper Springer Silva Imperial Fork

    http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/bik/4030410251.html Hi guys I'm looking to trade or sell this fork for a Monark fork, disc brake adapters, and or some wide tires. Drop me a line thanks!
  3. Flügelwagen

    Springer-Fork upgrade, the Juicer way

    If you're like me, you think that the old-school springer forks look cool. A hundred years ago forks of this overall design were seen on on a lot of cool old brands like Excelsior or this Cleveland; The forks we can get now that look like this are handsome, light, handle bumps pretty good...