1. Testname111

    Athena minatellie vertical on bicycle

    This my bicycle I been working on, if you like hit the like button <3 Minarellie vertical with bikeberry F2 thrust exhaust Car muffler shop welded it for 25$ over night So question 1 This bicycle engine is not broken-In and goes about same speed as my broken-in 40mm stock China girl? Is it...
  2. stevennf94

    Please Help!!!! Will These Fit My Carb???

    I cannot find anywhere that sells NT carb jets in Canada and doesn't want like 30$ for shipping. I'm not spending around 50-60$ to get carb jets. I found these on amazon and I am wondering if they will fit my NT carb. I already have micro drill bits and a pin vise, along with everything to...
  3. L

    First build: No Idle, No Throttle, No Power, hope?

    Hi everyone, I am BEYOND frustrated with my motorized bike. I finished assembling my bike yesterday and it starts - but just barely. I peddle up to about 5-10 mph and release the clutch to engage the motor. The motor engages but there is absolutely no power whatsoever. There is also no idle -...
  4. W

    [80cc] Pops and Bangs?

    Hello. This is my first post on this site so any help would be great! I am looking to get more pops and bangs out of my motor just for fun. I have done a little research, and what looks like the only way to get them is to change the timing on an adjustable CDI, which no one sells. The only...
  5. 2

    Carburetor keeps spewing gas due to stuck float?

    hello, I’m new to this website and don’t know if this is where I post so if it isn’t please direct me to where I should post it I have a cheap Chinese 80cc 2 stroke with a “speed” carburetor (the one with the red filter cap instead black). After driving it for a little it stopped working and...
  6. J

    Dellorto clone

    I replaced the stock nt with a good quality dellorto clone. Seems to idle well, maybe a little high. Sputters in mid range and bogs down bad top end. I've lost considerable power. Ideas? Too rich?
  7. Hashbrown

    Nt/speed carb cover

    So i got a speed carb ( has a NT black filter cover) in the mail today. I cut off the the little down spout breather holes so i can put on a k&n style air filter. After i cut it off i noticed that not all the holes were completely drilled out which makes me wonder if this has caused issues for...
  8. M

    Help carb/head combination

    Hoping for some advice on head/carb combination Current setup: 26" wheel 36T sprocket 49cc Stock slant head with 2 gaskets from soda can SKF main bearings Stihl top needle bearing RSE reed valve Banana expansion w/ stock exhaust's whole header (~20cm) Custom CDI (kx/jag/ivanh/rohmell...)...
  9. S

    No Exhaust Baffle No Problem.... Right?.....

    Hello, i am new to the Forum. I am posting because im afraid my motor is going to blow. my build is as follows, -66/80cc silver slant kit "From" -NGK #BPR6HIX Spark Plug -Super Charge HI-Preformance CDI "From" -Stock Carburetor -Stock Air Intake Tube "Ported by me"...
  10. O

    Engine not starting, despite good spark

    My 80cc engine from China (eBay) has not started since it was assembled a week or two ago. Fuel is getting to the engine, as the spark plug was wet when checked after cranking - for some reason it refuses to burst to life upon releasing the clutch. The engine will turn over after releasing the...
  11. A

    Motorized bike seems to have more power at very slight choke

    Hi I have a default ebay 2 stroke 80cc kit with the stock NT carb. Currently I have the pin in the carb set to the leanest setting (towards the top) as all the other settings seem to give some form of 4 stroking. When I start the bike I choke it for around 5 seconds then immediately switch to...
  12. A

    Engine idle's high after ascending hill or wide open throttle

    My engine idles fine both after starting and when fully warmed up. However I have noticed that after using the throttle wide open (be it going fast or ascending a hill), if I pull in the clutch, the engine will idle very fast (to the point where I have to fiddle with the idle screw to slow it...
  13. I

    Ready to throw the keihin away

    Here's what I got. This thing never ran right from day 1 and I'm tired of it. Do I spend the money on a jet kit or is there a carb I can buy that would be as big as the keihin that will actually work? I finally have my low end rpm smooth and powerful, but when cracking wide open after that...
  14. T

    Not reaching top speed

    Recently my friend and I both bought 66cc flying horse motors and put them on micargi panteras. He has a 90 degree billet and a speed nt carb and I have the stock nt carb and billet. We both recently tested our top speeds. My bike reached 23 miles per hour and his reached 37. Do y'all think that...
  15. M

    Running two carbs

    If i make a new intake to fit two carbs will it increase performance?
  16. I

    Project revival

    About a year and a half ago i set out customize my Cranbrook, and never really finished the mods ( Well under a different account I will now resume that build now to be a daily driver to school (i am a sophomore in high...
  17. J

    NO IDLE 80cc skyhawk bicycle

    Hi there, I'm new to moto bicycling, I've recently purchased a couple of used bicycles both with 80cc Skyhawk motors from what I was told. Well I'm sure I'll have tons of questions to come i was wondering why my girls bike doesn't idle and how would I go about adjusting it? As she comes to a...
  18. B

    bike will start(kinda) but will not accelerate. HELP!

    so i just bought a new cns carb and my bike will not accelerate. when im riding and i let go of the clutch, the motor turns on but there is absolutely no power. my throttle will slightly rev the engine but it is very quiet and will not push the bike forward. ive tried putting the choke all the...
  19. E

    Proble adjusting carb on Huasheng 4 stroke kit kit

    I bought a 4 stroke side wheel mount kit recently, but decided it was to off balance. I then bought a mounting plate and a gear box. I installed everything and the bike started up fine, but adjusting the carb is proving to very difficult. I'll be riding fine, and then the bike will just die. It...
  20. H

    Carb Trouble

    I am having trouble with fuel, and so I think it is the carb. When I turn the petcock off it goes like spit....until the fuel runs out. Then When I turn it back out I bog down to maybe 10 km.