Motorized bike seems to have more power at very slight choke


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Jul 16, 2017
Hi I have a default ebay 2 stroke 80cc kit with the stock NT carb.

Currently I have the pin in the carb set to the leanest setting (towards the top) as all the other settings seem to give some form of 4 stroking.

When I start the bike I choke it for around 5 seconds then immediately switch to completely open.

The bike idles perfectly fine when cold or when warm so I don't suspect any air leaks.

However I have noticed something peculiar:
If I have the choke ever so slightly closed, I have a significant power boost both in acceleration and in climbing hills. It doesn't seem to 4 stroke and idles perfectly fine.

So my two questions are as follows:
Is it okay to run the bike at this choke setting like this?
Is there any adjustments to the carb that I am missing out on?


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Sep 30, 2012
I'd try upping the float level a bit and see what happens if the motor has a couple hundred miles on it (I never do fine tuning until rings are well seated).
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