Carburetor keeps spewing gas due to stuck float?
Aug 1, 2019
hello, I’m new to this website and don’t know if this is where I post so if it isn’t please direct me to where I should post it

I have a cheap Chinese 80cc 2 stroke with a “speed” carburetor (the one with the red filter cap instead black). After driving it for a little it stopped working and starts to leak gas. I found it was because the float was stuck

When I opened it up there was no grime or anything just old gas that was sitting there. When I emptied it and reinstalled it started back up. I proceeded to go around the block and then run it dry and close the valve.

However when I went to use it again. After like 3 minutes of running it, it happened again. I haven’t opened yet but I assume it same thing.

What’s up?

Note: it’s still in its break in stage (last tank), I also have no idea what I’m doing plz edumacate me

allen standley

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Oct 22, 2011
Bangor, Maine
I also have no idea what I’m doing plz edumacate me
Welcome to the Forum!

Well now hold on there Phil.
Start Here. Mix up a gallon o gas with 32:1 thats 4 oz oil 1 gal gas. Do you suspect there is crud in there when. If so--Drain your tank of what's in there. Remove petcock. Look at your tank filter then Remove it. Use the inline filter, that way you can see if tank is dirty. Replace all but the in tank filter. just add a 32:1 mix. Start over with this mix.
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Sep 3, 2019
Hey Phil! New here too man so no worries. I'd also suggest upgrading the petcock, kit ones are garbage half the time and closed position is never where we all would expect it to be, they can be found pretty easily and cheap, u dont need to go wild just one a little better than stock.
And of course check float level, sounds like cup is getting a little too full thus draining out the back. Hope this helps man!

Brads bike

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Feb 27, 2022
Just had that happen the other day, luckily I carry the tools I need to disassemble the whole bike, Like yourself still breaking it in maybe two tanks so far, same carb, ,gas was running thru and out the filter , I pulled the bottom off the carb checked for grit made sure the float valve was moving and put it together. So far so good I have a feeling this is going to be an issue they are just simple little engines